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Christmas Eve....

The Allen Family are jovially celebrating and having a grand time, the Christmas spirit has never been stronger; there is absolutely nothing that could ruin this lovely evening.

The Allen father excuses himself, saying that he's going to retrieve an unspecified item, he leaves the dining room, with his family awaiting his return. Unbeknownst to the children, the father would appear again, but wearing a Santa's costume, acting as an gift bringer for the family, bringing joy into their lives.

Time passed... but Santa never came.

With the unusual absence of the father, the evening soured, the children loudly wailed, grandpa got angry, grandma wept, and the mother's worries grew worse.

The Allen father never returned.

What seemed to be the greatest Christmas Eve of all, turned out to be the most horrible of them all, a night to remember....

The Allen Family moved on with their lives, but never getting over the frustrating disappearance of their dear father.

Years passed by, the children grew up, grandma and grandpa died, the mother remarried, and lastly, the house where the haunting Christmas Eve had taken place, was sold.

It didn't take long for another tragedy to befall the house, an unknown source caused the house to catch on fire, the house burned thoroughly, and nothing was left of it.

The little which remained of the house, was the chimney that had toppled during the fire.

Authorities investigated, and discovered the answer to the mystery of that tragic Christmas Eve so many years ago.

The skeleton of Santa Claus.

Written by Doctor.wii
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