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I've always wanted to kill a few paupers, but I'll probably get caught if I axe them too regularly. That’s where you come in; your clicking on this page has either stopped or caused a murder next week.

This site records the views a story got the week before. Every Sunday, I’ll check this number for my page. If it’s odd or doesn't appear, I’ll off someone before the next Sunday. If it’s even, I won’t.

If you want to deny me the satisfaction, just reload this page. But before you do, think about the person who might read this page only once - someone who clicks through random pages to find a nice title, or thinks I’m lying about this, or doesn’t have the guts to kill a vagrant on their own. You could be the reason someone dies.

Reporting this IP address or account won’t work. Neither one belongs to me. You have to either live with what you did or forget it, and if that bothers you at all, don’t click the text to the bottom left.

I’m not the only one doing this; the others just aren’t telling you.

Cc-zero Squidmanescape has released this story under the CC0 license. This text has had its copyright protection revoked and can be freely distributed and modified by anyone who wishes to use it, depending on the laws and restrictions of their jurisdiction.