I believe it all started back when the cloning process was first completed. Sure, there were a few crude prototypes, and each of their fair share of malformed disfigures and vegetables, but it worked. And over time, they perfected it. Then it started to decline, because, once anything becomes widespread and used regularly, people started getting impatient. People could bring back loved ones, deceased pets, memories lost to time; it was miraculous. Death was an inconvenience, almost meaningless. Of course, with any technology, any machine, there are imperfections. The machines would take long amounts of time, upward of three days occasionally, to bring the cloned item back to full physicality. I suppose when you have the ability to see a wife lost to a tragic accident, you’ll be allotted some impatience, due to excitement, nervousness, the like. People started doing whatever they could to rush the machine. When that happens, you can’t clone exactly. The clones started to have brain defects. Some perfectly healthy people could be cloned with ALS, cancers, or other… features. Their personalities could be drastically different, sometimes even like a different person. Usually, these were the drastic cases. Most of the time they could be the same, just with a few minor differences. Maybe they didn’t find this as funny as they used to, or their nose was a little more crooked or straight. It didn’t matter to most people though. They were just happy to have their spouse/brother/mother/sister/father back to see once more.

Then the… incident happened. One of the clones became… for lack of a better word, feral. Like an animal, almost. Bipedal animals with opposable thumbs and the knowledge to use weapons are dangerous beasts. That was made evident. Luckily, the thing came to without sentience. Everyone thought it was a one-off. They were wrong. So wrong.

I think that’s about when the real apocalypse started. When a feral clone came about with some sense of sentience. With sentience comes intelligence, and with intelligence comes evolution. They learned to deceive, mask their fatal flaw. They learned to master weapons such as rifles, using them in ways never before thought effective. They were war machines. The unfortunate reality of it was that they were at war with whatever looked like them. Then… I shudder to remember… they learned to clone themselves. With all those aforementioned features, but evolved to the point that the original clones were easily overpowered. They were unstoppable, invincible, terrifying. Humanity cowered like rats. The strongest military bases were breached and destroyed like soda cans. The few that weren’t killed immediately took shelter wherever they could. Gas stations, convenience stores, churches, you could find squatters anywhere. But anywhere you could find squatters, clones were nearby. Soon, there were no squatters. I, myself, took refuge in the darkest corner of an open attic in someone’s house, who I presume dead. They have not found me yet, but in the back of my mind, I know it’s only a matter of time. I just wanted to document this so one day, maybe, someone could find my story and know what happened here, that left this world in such disfigurement. It won’t be long now...

As much as I love to be right, I hate the fact that I was this time. I hear movement below me, and the metallic shanks and shings of weaponry. It won’t be long before they look up here. It won’t be long before I’m proven right. They’re coming. May God save my sou

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