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In my younger and vulnerable years, I had an experience which up to this day I cannot decide if it's a dream or not. Well, here's what happened...

I was going to sleep when my mom called me from downstairs saying "Don't forget to close your door, sweetie!"

As me in my younger years I would tell myself "Why would I need to close the door, it's so dark and scary in my room!"

I know many of you do that or even say that, but we all know we can't disobey our parents, right?

After a few weeks, curiosity started building inside of me, because I noticed mom started to remind us to close the bedroom door more frequently. So, like any curious child , I asked mom. I asked a dozen questions about why do I need to close the door. Mom answered all the questions one by one, but every question answered, raised another.

Then mom became tired of answering the torrent of questions, she just plainly told me: "Just close the door sweetie, you don't want to be a bad boy, don't you?"

I replied with my casual "Yes, mom”, but deep inside me I knew that I need to find the answer myself, that's the time when I thought of that foolish idea: I won't close the door.

After a few more days I had come up with a plan: I would ask my 2 older brothers to accompany me (yes, I have 2 brothers that are just 3 and 4 years older than me), then we would stay up late or until we fall asleep, and we won't close the door (yes, that simple). All what's left is when mom and dad aren't at home.

Then one night, mom told us that she and dad will be having dinner outside and my oldest brother was in charge. My heart was pounding in my chest, because I knew this was the night to answer all of my questions, this was the night where I could demolish all of that curiosity that's building inside me.

I asked my brothers and they both agreed (I was very happy because they agreed to stay with me). Here's what happened next:

  • At 10 o'clock, we all had gone to my room, and waited. Nothing happened.
  • At 11 o'clock, the lights at the living room turned on, but we realized it was just mom and dad. They went straight to their room (Perfect! They didn't noticed that my door was open!).
  • At exactly 12 o'clock, I felt drowsy, but before I went to sleep, I checked on my brothers. They were both asleep, so I also went to sleep thinking that there was no reason to close the door at night.
  • At 3 o'clock, I woke up. I don't know why, I just... woke up. I noticed an outline of someone standing in the doorway... watching us sleep (my heart rate must have raised to a hundred).

Then the figure spoke. "You forgot to close the door, sweetie."

That "Oh, it's just mom nothing to worry about." thought went up to my head.

Until she spoke again. "What did I tell you, sweetie? I told you to close the door, right?"

I answered "Mo...m, mom I'm sorry...I just... I just wanna fi-",

and then she spoke in a voice... that didn't sound human, in a voice that sounded like a devil in the movies "What.. did... I... tell... YOU!".

I was pretty sure that my brothers would wake up by now, but no, they were still fast asleep.

What happened next was extremely terrifying. She stepped into the light.


It seemed like no one could hear me, because no one woke up or they just didn't care (most unlikely).

To be honest dear reader, I can't describe what I saw, but here's the closest that I can get: Its outline looked like mom, but its face, oh God, its face, its mouth was like the mouth of a Demogorgon, its eyes were a tarsier's, and... and its nose... look like its been ripped out revealing the nasal cavity.

I screamed at the top of my lungs, I screamed like I was gonna rip my vocal cords.

Then it spoke again in that same inhuman voice. "Shhhh, sweetie, can't you see your brothers are sleeping? I just came here to check on you, and tell you.. my... number one rule. Now, now, go back to sleep, sweetie."

And with all of that, it stepped out of the light and closed the door.



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