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Howard Kingsley, lead scientist in the research of the Nocturne virus, rushed out of his office, trying not to drop his papers. He had been alerted of a Code: Black situation, which meant that the test subjects had spread the virus to members of the CRC. A siren was wailing throughout the corridor as many scientists frantically tried to escape; unintentionally slowing Howard's progress to get to the main laboratory. When he finally made it through the sea of scientists, several security members walked towards him and one of them asked.

"Sir, the exits have been cut off. How should we proceed to evacuate these people?"

Howard thought for a moment before grabbing the keycard from around his neck and passing it to the guard.

"Lead everyone to the boiler room, there's an emergency exit in there. You'll have to use this keycard to unlock it. Go!" He ordered.

The security guards started gathering all the scientists and leading them to the boiler room as Howard continued onward. Howard turned round several corners and passed through many doors before he had arrived at the main laboratory. Security guards were trying to contain the Infected, but it was plain to see that they wouldn't be able to hold them off forever. Howard marched into the center of the room, where five other scientists were mashing buttons into control panels.

"Move." Howard said, pushing two of the scientists away.

He reached into his lab pocket and took out a small key. He then slotted the key into a lock on the control panel and opened up a glass container that was covering a bright blue button. One of the guards noticed what he was doing and rushed to the door of the main lab.

"Hey!" He shouted. "Don't you dare press that button!"

Howard looked the guard dead in his eyes and slammed a fist down on the blue button. Suddenly, the doors to the lab slammed shut. An icy blue gas streamed into the corridors that the guards and the Infected were in. Screams of guards and yowls of pain came from the corridors as all the lifeforms in them started suffocating to death. After a few long minutes of agony, the screams faded; and the room went silent. The doors opened up and Howard was met with a horrible sight.

The guards had streams of cyan liquid falling down their faces. Their eyes were the same, cold blue of the gas that had killed them. The Infected, however, weren't quite dead yet. A long, black arm that was twice the length of an average adult's arm, gripped onto a pipe as a large, shadowy creature pulled itself up from the ground. Its head was misshapen, its eyes glazed over and its fangs as sharp as ever. The hulking beast's legs were practically useless as it carried itself around on its long, slender arms.

When its eyes met with Howard's, it let out a horrific screech. Before Howard could react, more and more Infected rose from the ground, each letting out a similar battle cry. And then, they charged. The monstrosities tore through the scientists' limbs. Each death being more gruesome than the last. Howard tried to run but he couldn't outmatch the speed of the mutant abominations. A long claw grabbed him by the throat as one of the Infected lifted him to its mouth, tearing a large chunk of flesh out of his body.

The evacuees were no longer safe. And it was all his fault.