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June pointed the drip torch to the grassy ground, his finger hovering over the ignition, until the grass he was pointing at flew onto his face.

He dropped the drip torch, which the bare earth promptly swallowed, and fled into the forest as the entire field of grass ripped itself from the ground.

Chasing him deeper into the woods, the dew-covered grass swarmed into June's clothes. He shrieked as it sawed through his skin, and the grass took the opportunity to zip into his mouth and choke him.

Coughing wildly, he hit a tree head-on, stunning the grass and letting him shake it out of his clothes. He kept running until the adrenaline wore off and he collapsed mid-stride.

June couldn't escape the grass piling around him, and it slowly pushed his upper jaw and tongue apart. He let out one final scream before thousands of tiny blades lunged between his lips and silenced it.

Written by Squidmanescape
Content is available under CC BY-SA