That moment when you're on the verge of dozing off and your eyelids are nearly sealed, but then you awaken, startled. Startled by what? The house is creaking at night, the floorboards echo a squeaky noise through the halls. What is it you ask? A murderer feeding his sick obsession or a burglar looking to snatch a quick loot? Fortunately you gaze down the hall to find there is no one; perhaps it was just you endeavoring in your paranoia. 

However, every time you fill yourself with relief noticing nobody is in your house, you're filling yourself with false belief. There is someone there, you just can't see them, and for that you are lucky. If you saw them you wouldn't have the ability to shake the terror and horror it delivers. Unfortunately for me I have seen one, but that's beside the point. Of course you now will ask where is it if I can't see it?

It is a simple answer, the reason your house creaks so much, the reason it emanates a tumbling tone throughout your home is because these things live in your walls. These creatures, aren't human, in fact they are far from it. Sadly, this does not alter that their intellect does not match ours. They are in fact smarter than us.

They know us; know us too well. These things know our routines, they know when we eat, when we sleep, even when we are absent from the house. They know you're sleeping that's why they choose this time to move about the walls. Now I'm sure it has only made you more puzzled, what would they be doing back there? The truth is, they are trying and trying with every last effort to break through. What they want is freedom, freedom to roam your house and take it as their own. They spend nights upon nights, scratching and digging into the plaster of your walls.

Ever heard of people going missing with little evidence as to why? It is because these monsters were successful; they broke through. They feed on fear and the more terrified you become, the stronger they get. I myself know because after seeing one, I have little time left. The walls are getting thinner and they are getting stronger. Now all I can hope for now is that they will stop. Even though I know they won't. They will continue at all costs. For your own sake, ask yourself next time you hear the house creak:

Are you really safe?

Written by Pacersnation16
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