A little boy is awoken in the middle of the night by seemingly nothing. He rubs his eyes with his hands like a drunkard experiencing a terrible hangover. Nothing appears to be out of order: all the windows are shut, and everything in his room is how he left it; messy. The child attempts to sit up but is pained with the awful stomach cramps he’s endured over the last several days. He decides to instead lie back down on his bed and wait for his parents to wake up as he stares at the occasional spider web he’s too lazy to clean off from his ceiling. His stomach pains grow worse, even though he was lying completely still, feeling a dull sharp pain in his stomach. The boy gropes his tummy with his hands. He becomes nauseous, and the pain gets increasingly worse every second.

Then, oddly enough, the pain suddenly stops. He feels a belch coming. The boy forces it up hoping to release it. He is feeling better but there was no noise, only the strange unanticipated feeling of furry legs crawling up his throat. He gags terrified and running for the bathroom as he feels something with prickly hairs crawling up his throat. He dry heaves over the toilet as the creature in his esophagus reaches his mouth. The boy feels many creatures bite his tongue and back of his throat. Gagging, he spits it out, immediately disgusted and horrified. Several small, hairy spiders landed in the toilet.


The boy died sometime later at the hospital from an unknown venom, most likely from a bite from an arthropod of some kind. An autopsy was performed on the boy and found several small spider egg sacs digesting in his stomach. The DNA of the eggs matched no known species of spider, though genetic tests showing it was some form of a spider. The most widely accepted theory was that a spider crawled into his mouth when he was asleep and laid her eggs inside him.

Written by TheBrexter
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