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Rising Boreal: The Vampire Murders
by AudreyOwO

A series of brutal killings. An odd small town. And a mentally ill reporter looking to investigate.
News Transcript from a Parallel Universe

by AudreyOwO

Public executions, Unknowable paranormal phenomenon, and Celebrity foot fungus.
A Victor, Spoiled

by Wobblingkirlia

Strangely, getting struck by lightning was only the start of Tamara's problems.
The Fields

by Stephen Allan

Among the crops, they're starving...


Featured Subgenre


The Halloween category is for stories about that spookiest time of year and includes 80 stories. There are many aspects of Halloween that these stories cover, including costumes, trick-or-treating, haunted houses, and Halloween rituals. The Halloween subgenre can be considered a type of meta-horror, which is horror fiction centered on horror media and popular culture.

As with many creepypasta subgenres, nostalgia is a common theme. These stories often take the kid-friendly trappings of Halloween and twist them into something darker.

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