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by ReviewCultist

Entry 1

I finally managed to find this little notepad and a working pen, so I guess I might as well leave a record of my current circumstances. That’s what you do right? When you’re trapped in a liminal place? You write journal entries, notes or something for the next poor soul to find? That is assuming you don't make it out yourself. I always said, if I had to die, I wanted it to be immersed in creepypasta. Wish granted!

I dont think I’m going to die here, well maybe, who knows? This place is certainly creepy and feels dangerous. But I digress, let’s start at the beginning.


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That Starless Place
by RedNovaTyrant

A random account of a girl standing in the street with a flashlight. In the middle of the day. Terrified beyond her wits.
Harvest Hill

by DariusMcCorkindale

A resident of a quaint town finally wins the annual pumpkin growing contest. The question is: how did he do it?
The Well in the Basement

by DariusMcCorkindale

A dilapidated house with a well in the basement hides many secrets.


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