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  • ClericofMadness

    NedWolfkin has been permanently blocked after being told to stop his insulting and harassing behavior. From personal attacks, offsite drama, and consistent needling of users and admin alike. This u…

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  • CertainShadows

    Thank you!

    July 1, 2020 by CertainShadows

    I'm not a particularly social person and haven't really utilized community features like the forums or blogs, largely out of anxiety and shyness. However, I've decided to bite the proverbial bullet a…

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  • TheSylverUmbrie476

    Hello there! welcome to my profile. I looked at guidelines for blogs because this is my first blog post, and my profile does not have a proper introduction, so here we are. My name is Umbrie. I am an…

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  • SophiaMinininja

    Giorno Giovanna

    A Tem Worker To Help Everyone

    He Dosen't Care That Happened

    But Then What He Saw

    It Was His Father


    Giorno Asked: D-Dad, I-I'd Like To Tell You Som-

    Dio Asked: Giorno My Son, You Dunno Hu…

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