Blogs are not

  1. Blogs are not articles.
    • Do not post entire stories in blogs.
    • Do not categorize blogs. When a blog post is created, it automatically gets the category Blog Posts. Do not add anything other than that. The absolute only exception to this is for admins and their admin blogs.
  2. Blogs are not to be used to get a free badge.
    • If you create a spam blog page just to get a badge, your blog post will be deleted and you will be blocked from editing. Creating multiple spam blog pages will result in a longer block duration.
  3. Blogs are not a place to post a simple sentence like "Hi." or "I like creepypasta." These are spam blogs and will be treated as such.
  4. Blogs are not a place to ask for ideas.
  5. Blogs are not for you to introduce your OC.

Blogs are

  1. A way to ask something of the community, such as opinions on a story idea, how someone feels about an issue that may or may not relate to the site's content, or for asking people to vote on a matter.
  2. A way to introduce yourself.
  3. For sharing experiences.

Blog Commenting

  1. Do not comment on a blog for the sake of commenting on a blog.
  2. Do not comment on a blog just to earn a badge.
  3. Do not comment on ancient blogs, such as something that hasn't had new posts in thirty days.
  4. If you see a spam blog page, message an administrator. There's no need to state the obvious in the comments. Blog commenting raises your edit count, and edit count inflation is strongly frowned upon.
  5. Do not dogpile on a blog. If a question is answered and the person gets the point, there isn't any rhyme nor reason to tear him apart. If you have nothing to add, let it rest. That being said, please be sure to read all of the comments before placing yours.
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