Author's note: On May 19, 2015, I made a contest in the blogs where you have to make 2 sentence creepypastas. Here are the top 5 winners of it.

5th Place: That cold pale face keeps watching me on television. Maybe I should turn the TV back on.

Written by: Mcdon92

4th Place: When I plugged my flash drive into my computer, red suddenly covered the screen. Then I realized that it was my blood.

Written by: Arkhams knight

3rd Place: She got her camera out and began to film, and as she ventured further into the woods she relied on the night vision function heavily. The camera was only able to film one way, which was why it was so surprising when she looked down and saw herself standing about a metre away.

Written by: Natalo

2nd Place: The shadows surround me. Blinking only makes them get closer.

Written by: Christopher Michael Richardson

1st Place: You've had a lucky escape from a train accident, and as you stumble away, you suddenly feel something moving inside your pocket; but you see nothing there. You arrive at home, the news channel is blaring loudly, and your girlfriend has hanged herself in the bathroom; you realise your phone has been turned off; "fifty-seven missed calls" slaps you in the face when you turn it back on.

Written by: Rinskuro13

Here is the original blog where the contest took place. 2 Sentence Creepypasta Contest

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