Here at the Creepypasta Wiki, administrators have a large amount of work to do that does not merit time for us to police the comments sections of articles. However, we still have policies regarding proper article comments, as well as what is acceptable and what is not. Here is a general rundown of what makes a comment unacceptable.


  • Harassment/Offensive commentary. This includes "Go kill yourself!", "THIS SUCKS", etc.
  • Unfounded proclamations of existence. Jeff, Slenderman, Ben, and the like are not real. Please don't try to pretend otherwise.
  • Roleplay. This is a literature site. Roleplay of any kind is not tolerated and will result in an immediate day block from editing. No exceptions.
  • Rape talk/Sex talk/ToU violating talk. This is an immediate ban for 2 weeks. No exceptions.
  • Cleverbot conversations (especially on BEN Drowned). Literally no one cares about it.
  • Trolling.
  • Troll baiting.  Do not feed the trolls.
  • Spam comments/Repeated comments.
  • Replying en masse to a bunch of old comments on a story with a lot of comment, such as The Rake, or across multiple stories. While there is no specific rule against responding to old comments, you shouldn't be digging through and responding to every one that catches your attention.
  • Text art/excessive blank spaces/random letters/long words (such as "trollololololol"). This includes, but is not limited to ASCII art or Zalgo text.


  • Do not comment on a blog for the sake of commenting on a blog.
  • Do not comment on a blog just to earn a badge.
  • Do not comment on ancient blogs, such as something that hasn't had new posts in thirty days.
  • If you see a spam blog page, tell an admin through their talk page. There's no need to state the obvious in the comments. Blog commenting raises your edit count, and edit count inflation is strongly frowned upon.
  • Do not dogpile on a blog. If a question is answered and the person gets the point, there isn't any rhyme nor reason to tear him apart. If you have nothing to add, let it rest. That being said, please be sure to read all of the comments before placing yours.

These are solid rules. Not guidelines you can simply skip. With the exception of the ToU, all penalties are at admin discretion.

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