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This page lists every notable wiki writing contest in chronological order. Some "contests" that were unsuccessful, not approved by staff, or hosted mainly offsite are not listed.

Please also note:

1. The contest column links to the relevant contest category (barring a couple of exceptions), which will then link to one or more blogs relevant to that contest (most contests only have one associated blog, but some have more).

2. The entries column refers to how many stories entered into the contest still remain up on the site. The 2011 Halloween contest, for example, had over 60 entries originally, but most have since been deleted.

Contest Host/s Theme Entries Winner/s Duration
Halloween 2011 Writing Contest ClericofMadness Halloween 6 Play Something
by Mr.Zalgopasta
Oct 1st -
Oct 20th
Christmas 2011 Writing Contest ClericofMadness Christmas 3 No Gifts This Year
by Mr.Zalgopasta
Dec 20th -
Jan 5th
Halloween Writing Competition 2013 CrashingCymbal Halloween 25 Child at Heart
by Zyranne (removed)
Oct 20th -
Oct 31st
2014 Damn Fine Pasta Contest ImGonnaBeThatGuy Anything 79 Various Aug 13th -
Dec 1st
2015 Creepypasta Freestyle Challenge Blacknumber1 Random subject 42 Various Feb 4th -
Feb 22nd
2015 Mythology Writing Contest The Koromo Mythology 4 Sons of Odin
by HumboldtLycanthrope
Mar 16th -
Mar 23rd
Crazywords' 2015 Writing Contest CrazyWords Random subject 7 Abortion and Contraception Clinic
by Natalo
Apr 1st -
Apr 28th
SnakeTongue237's Title Writing Contest SnakeTongue237 Random title 6 A Figure in the Fog
by ShadowSwimmer77
Apr 8th -
May 7th
RisingFusion's 2015 Creepypasta Contest RisingFusion Random subject 4 Bad News
by Dark Cyan
Apr 14th -
May 6th
2015 Fairy Tale Contest CrazyWords Fairytales 4 Of Beauties and Beasts
by K. Banning Kellum (removed)
May 9th -
May 31st
2015 2 Sentence Creepypasta Contest BrianBerta 2 sentences 46 Various May 19th -
May 24th
2015 Song Competition EmpyrealInvective and The Koromo Music 8 Under a Rotting Sky
by HumboldtLycanthrope
May 23rd -
Jul 5th
2015 Demon/Devil Writing Challenge K. Banning Kellum Demon/Devil 16 There's Something Between the Gears
by Whitix
Jun 9th -
Jul 26th
2015 Mystery Writing Contest RuckusQuantum Mystery 7 The Charlatan
by The Damn Batman
Aug 20th -
Sep 18
2015 Jeff the Killer Rewrite Contest Underscorre Jeff the Killer rewrite 15 Various Sep 26th -
Dec 6th
2015 Creepypasta Short Story Contest Witnessme Paranormal activity 52 Various Oct 2nd -
Oct 21st
2015 Holiday Horror Contest Shadowswimmer77 Christmas 6 A Noel in Black
by HumboldtLycanthrope
Dec 8th -
Dec 24th
2016 Song Competition The Koromo Music 7 Her Red Right Hand
by Shadowswimmer77
Jan 1st -
Feb 6th
2016 Summer Writing Contest Whitix Anything 7 Hunt in the Gulag
by BlackPersephone
Jun 14th -
Sep 1st
2016 Anti-Cliche Creepypasta Contest ShawnCognitionCP Anti-cliche 6 The Ersatz Cat
by Levi Salvos
Sep 7th -
Sep 26th
2016 Jollytime Murderfest Competition ChristianWallis Christmas 10 Santa's Other Workshop
by KillaHawke1
Dec 7th -
Jan 9th
2017 Dark Humour Contest Derpyspaghetti Dark humour 6 Dinner with Vivianna
by K. Banning Kellum and Shit, Piss, CreamPies, and Clowns by Jay ten (both removed)
Feb 3rd -
Mar 1st
2017 Werewolf Story Contest HumboldtLycanthrope Werewolves 9 Harvest
by Dgrady237
Sep 21st -
Oct 31st
2018 "Bullet for my Valentine" Metal Contest Helel ben Shahaar Metal music 6 Banshee's Cry
by Baron Fist
Jan 25th -
Feb 28th
2018 Silence for the Summer Solstice Contest ClericofMadness Silence 5 Sever
by Zarinaaa
May 26th -
Aug 30th
2018 "Nativity in Black" Christmas Contest Helel ben Shahaar Christmas 3 Goetia
by Dgrady237
Dec 4th -
Jan 6th
2019 "Bible Black" Metal Contest Helel ben Shahaar Metal music 7 In Your Nightmares I Will Live
by Dgrady237
May 1st -
Jul 4th
2020 "Cruel Fate" Writing Contest RedNovaTyrant Tarot cards 10 Bokor
by Dgrady237
Jan 1st -
Feb 21st
2021 Creepypasta Song Contest EmpyrealInvective Music 3 Oil Rig 23 Has Some Serious Issues
by Eiusdem
Feb 11th -
Mar 20th
2021 Halloween Writing Contest Cornconic Halloween 11 Knuckle Bones
by Kolpik and Doorway to Serenity
by ExRwood
Oct 1st -
Nov 1st
2022 Wheel of Misfortune Writing Contest Tewahway Random prompt 13 Ghosts of Nutty Putty
by Shadowswimmer77
Apr 1st -
May 11th
2022 "Liminal Spaces" Writing Contest Cornconic Liminal spaces 17 My Little Oubliette
by The Vesper's Bell
Aug 7th -
Sep 12th
2023 Random Title Writing Contest Cornconic Random title 29 Waking Up Grinning
by StalkerShrike
July 24th -
Sep 11th