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The history of creepypasta-related events and media.



  • August 3rd - Polybius is archived on[2][3]
  • September 30th - The games Pokémon Red and Blue Versions are released worldwide, along with an altered version of the Lavender Town music.[4]


  • February 27th - Usenet group makes inquires the validity of Polybius.[5]


  • March 23rd - Ted the Caver story begins on an Angelfire page.[6][7]
  • May 19th - Ted the Caver stops updating their page.[8]
  • April 11th - User Al Kossow claims the Polybius story was invented by Usernet user CyberYogi[9]


  • July 27th - SomethingAwful User Shmorky uploads modified versions of Nancy and Archie comics with the first mentions of the word "Zalgo"[10][11]


  • 2005 - The tap-dancing clip from "The Goddess Bunny" is uploaded to and eventually becomes Obedece a la morsa/Obey the walrus.[12]
  • January 5th - Ted from Ted the Caver appears on the National Speleological Society message board and pronounces his story is fictitious.[7][13]
  • Late 2005 - Earliest posts about the Rake are made on 4chan's /b/ board for the post "hey /b/ lets make a new monster"[14]




  • 2009 - The Russian Sleep Experiment makes its Internet debut.[21]
  • 2009 - A video containing details on the Squidward’s Suicide episode is posted on YouTube.
  • March 15th - "Candle Cove" is submitted to the Ichior Falls horror fiction website.[22]
  • June 10th - SA User Victor Surge submits Slenderman pictures on Something Awful forums for a Photoshop contest.[23]
  • June 11th - SA User Victor Surge updates the Slenderman story.
  • June 12th - SA User LeechCode5 adds an image and a back story to the Slenderman mythos.
  • June 14th - SA User TrenchMaul uses the Slenderman character for his own story.
  • June 20th - Joseph DeLage and Troy Wagner begin the Marble Hornets Project.
  • June 27th - Pokémon Creepy Black creepypasta submitted on the Nintendo DS blog Tiny Cartridge.[24]
  • June 30th - An article on the gaming blog Kotaku references the Tiny Cartridge post detailing Pokémon Creepy Black.
  • August 4th - Gaming blog Gameinformer publishs an article about Pokémon Creepy Black, stating that there were attempts by hackers to make the game a reality.
  • August 10th - User the_solipist submits information and images about the Grifter to 4chan's /x/ board.[25]
  • August 21st - User the_solipist admits that the Grifter is fiction.
  • August 22nd - SA User Shmorky provides the back story to the origin of "Zalgo" on Something Awful forums.[11]
  • November 2009 - suicidemouse.avi gains popularity.[26]
  • November 25th - YouTube user Nec1 uploads suicidemouse.avi, along with its creepypasta.
  • December 8th - YouTube user suicidemouseavi uploads a duplicate of the video.


  • Early-2010 - A remix of the Lavender Town song appears.
  • January 17th - Garry’s Mod user kitty0706 uploads a "survival guide" for suicidemouse.avi
  • January 18th - The suicidemouse.avi story and video are submitted to a thread on the Snopes forum.[27]
  • January 19th - Dead Bart is created and uploaded on a suicidemouse thread.
  • February 2010 - Google Search results for Barbie.avi appear for the first time
  • February 21st - The first version of the Lavender Town creepypasta is uploaded to Pastebin.[4]
  • March 3rd - The Lavender Town creepypasta is mentioned on 4chan’s /x/ board
  • June 2010 - Search engine results for Lavender Town Syndrome become popular.
  • June 6th - Pokémon Lost Silver appears in a 4chan thread.[28]
  • June 7th - A screen capture of the 4chan thread containing the Pokémon Lost Silver story is uploaded to deviantART by user ZOMGZADR
  • June 20th - suicidemouse.avi is recognized in an Urban Dictionary entry.[29]
  • June 23rd - Pokémon Lost Silver is posted on the entertainment blog The Colligere
  • August 8th - Creepypasta Wiki is made by Cleric of Madness.
  • August 16th - Pokémon Lost Silver is mentioned in a post on the Otaku site
  • August 31st - An Italian translation of Pokémon Lost Silver is posted on the gaming blog Che Altro.
  • September 1st - YouTube user dabr1dg3 uploads a video showing a fan-made Pokémon Lost Silver game.
  • September 7th - 4chan user Jadusable posted a thread about his experiences with a haunted Majora’s Mask cartridge for the N64.[30]
  • September 15th - Jadusable's "roommate" uploads free.wmv and TheTruth.txt at 23:04 P.M.
  • September 20th - Jadusable reveals that the Majora's Mask story was a hoax.
  • November 11th - A post of the creepypasta Pokemon Creepy Black appears on 4chan’s /x/ board.


  • 2011 - BOB story discovered on the /x/ board on 4chan.[31]
  • January 2011 - Cupcakes fanfiction is rumored to have first appeared on 4chan’s /co/ board, allegedly written by Sergeant Sprinkles.[32]
  • January 3rd - Pokémon Creepy Black was posted on the Pokémon fan forum Pokeboard.
  • February 8th - The fan-made Pokémon Lost Silver game is posted to the /r/pokemon subreddit.
  • February 21st - The Majora's Mask creepypasta is posted on the Within Hubris forums.
  • February 28th - A Yahoo Answers question about the video’s authenticity is posted.
  • June 25th - Website Tohjo Falls releases a demo for fan-made versions of a game based on Pokémon Creepy Black.
  • July 26th - Minecraft creator Notch adds Endermen in an online update to the game
  • October 31st - YouTube user Lightningspirit78 uploads a reading of Pokémon Lost Silver.
  • December 26th - Pokémon Lost Silver is posted on the Internet humor site FunnyJunk.


  • June 26 - Slender: The Eight Pages is created by Paresec Productions.