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An uncomprehensive history of creepypasta-related events and media. Sources and exact dates are provided where applicable. See also: CPW Iceberg and CPW Logo History.


  • February 27th - Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green are released in Japan. They both include the original Lavender Town music.[1]


  • January 16th - Texan journalist Brian Bethel posts an account of an encounter with so-called "Black-eyed children" to the "alt.folklore.ghost-stories" board on Usenet. This has been largely determined to be the genesis of the urban legend.[2]


  • August 3rd - Polybius is archived as a page on, an arcade gaming website.[3][4]
  • September 28th - Pokémon Red and Blue are released worldwide, including an altered version of Lavender Town's theme.[5]


  • February 2nd - eBay user mrnoreserve lists a 1972 painting titled "The Hands Resist Him" for $199. The post has a description warning potential buyers of strange circumstances surrounding the picture, which can apparently cause harmful and anomalous effects.[6]
  • February 27th - Usenet board "" inquires as to the validity of Polybius, furthering the story's reach and influence.[7]
  • October 28th - Cry Baby Lane (the original Nickelodeon television film) airs for the first time.[8]


  • March 23rd - The Ted the Caver story begins on an Angelfire page, known originally as "Ted's Caving Page".[9][10]
  • April 11th - Usenet user "Al Kossow" claims the Polybius story was invented by fellow Usenet user "CyberYogi". Another reply in the thread by "MacMan" appears to support this.[11]
  • May 19th - "Ted the Caver" stops updating the page.[12]
  • November 20th - Jon Bergeron, the creator of I Feel Fantastic, makes the first posts about the project.


  • March - The original image associated with The Backrooms is posted to a website showcasing the property. Many more images were available at one point, but only one other is viewable.[13]


  • July 27th - Something Awful user Shmorky uploads modified versions of Nancy and Archie comics with the first mentions of the word "Zalgo".[14][15]
  • September - Screenwriter Eric Heisserer's first book, The Dionaea House, begins.


  • January 5th - Ted from Ted the Caver appears on the National Speleological Society message board and pronounces that his story is fictitious.[10][16]
  • August 4th - The earliest-known, less edited version of the Jeff the Killer photo is uploaded to a Japanese forum.[17]
  • Late 2005 - The earliest posts about the Rake are made on 4chan's /b/ board, for the thread: "hey /b/ lets make a new monster".[18]
  • November 15th - Another edit of the Jeff the Killer photo (the "scary", most recognisable one) is uploaded to a Japanese forum.[19]
  • November 26th - "freakysoupguy" is uploaded to YouTube, later becoming known as Blank Room Soup.[20]
  • December 25th - Japanese 2chan user "AnotherR" posts the earliest version of the Ahenobarbus Henocied screamer image. It would go on to be associated with the r/NoSleep story Gurgles and Bugman in January 2012.


  • April 20th - The term 'copypasta' appears for the first time on Urban Dictionary.[21]
  • June 11th - YouTuber "sonee" uploads a video recounting a Chinese legend about a painting of a girl.[22]
  • June 13th - Agamemnon Counterpart is uploaded to YouTube for the first time.[23]
  • July 3rd - A clip of disabled drag queen Sandie Crisp tap-dancing is taken from "The Goddess Bunny" and uploaded to Eventually, it becomes Obey the Walrus/Obedece a la Morsa.[24]
  • October - The Carmen Winstead (They Pushed Her) chain email begins receiving attention.[25]


  • The word "creepypasta" is coined on 4chan.[26]
  • January 1st - "The Holder of the End", the first of the Holders series, is posted on 4chan's /b/ board.[27]
  • February - 4chan founder "Moot" repurposes the previously photography-themed /x/ board for paranormal content.[28]
  • June 22nd - 4chan user S.S. Walrus (also known as Moto42) posts the original SCP-173 creepypasta, the first entry in what would eventually become the SCP Foundation mythos.[29]
  • July - Descriptions of how to play One-Man Hide and Seek are shared on Japanese horror boards.[30]
  • September 10th - Youtube user "_jonrev_" uploads The Wyoming Incident.[31]


  • is created.[32]
  • February 26th - Japanese visual artist nana825763 uploads Username: 666 to YouTube.
  • March 28th - The original WHO WAS PHONE? copypasta is posted to 4chan's /x/ board.[33]
  • April 18th - User "erwilzei" uploads "Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv" to YouTube. The creepypasta story is added to alternate versions of the video in the following days, and the original upload is deleted at some point.[34][35]
  • July 19th - User "FritzWillie" creates the current Wikidot SCP website. The community migrates to it from the EditThis wiki that articles were previously being hosted on.[36]


  • January 8th - Smile Dog/Smile.jpg makes its debut in a post on 4chan's /x/ board.[37]
  • March 15th - Candle Cove is submitted to the Ichor Falls horror fiction website.
  • April 15th - YouTube user "creepyblog" uploads the most well-known I Feel Fantastic video.[38]
  • June 10th - Something Awful user Victor Surge (Eric Knudsen) submits the earliest Slenderman pictures for a paranormal-themed Photoshop contest.[39]
    • June 11th - Victor Surge updates the growing Slenderman mythos with another picture and small text supplement.
    • June 12th - Something Awful user "LeechCode5" creates another Slenderman image, as well as a backstory for the character.
    • June 14th - Something Awful user "TrenchMaul" uses the character for his own story.
    • June 20th - Joseph DeLage and Troy Wagner begin the Marble Hornets project on YouTube.
  • July 14th - Barbie.avi is uploaded to 4chan.[40]
  • July 26th - YouTube user "thomasrengstorff" uploads a video of an Elvis animatronic modified to look like Michael Jackson, which eventually becomes a Spanish meme known as the Ayuwoki.[41]
  • August 8th - The Russian Sleep Experiment is posted by "RIP747" on their Wordpress website.[42]
  • August 9th - YouTube user "xenopasta" uploads 3 sections of the apparently 6-part long video from Barbie.avi.
  • August 10th - 4chan user "the_solipist" posts information and images about "The Grifter" to the site's /x/ board.[43]
  • August 15th - Andy Weir posts An Egg to his website Galactanet.
  • August 21st - the_solipist admits that The Grifter is fiction.
  • August 22nd - Something Awful user Shmorky provides background to the origin of "Zalgo" on the Something Awful forums.[15]
  • October - A website detailing the supposed Have You Seen This Man? phenomenon gains attention online.[44]
  • November 14th - Slack LaLane posts 1999 to their blogspot website.
  • November 19th - DeviantArt user "nickteezy408" uploads the original Eyeless Jack image.
  • November 25th - YouTube user "Nec1" uploads "suicidemouse.avi", along with its creepypasta.[45]
    • December 8th - YouTube user "suicidemouseavi" uploads a duplicate of the video, which eventually surpasses the original's views.


  • January 3rd - Doors is uploaded to
  • January 17th - Garry’s Mod player "kitty0706" uploads a "Suicide Mouse Survival Guide" to YouTube, furthering the story's reach and influence.
  • January 19th - Dead Bart is created and uploaded to a suicidemouse thread on[46]
  • February 21st - The first version of the Lavender Town creepypasta is uploaded to Pastebin, under the name "DannoW".[5]
  • March 24th - The r/NoSleep subreddit is created.
  • April 6th - An anonymous user posts Squidward's Suicide to 7chan's /x/ board.[47]
  • May 28th - Survival Guide is uploaded to
  • June 6th - Pokémon Lost Silver is posted in a 4chan thread.[48]
  • June 27th - Pokémon Black is submitted to the Nintendo DS blog Tiny Cartridge.[49]
    • June 30th - An article about the creepypasta is posted on the gaming blog Kotaku.[50]
    • August 4th - An article about the creepypasta is posted on the gaming blog Gameinformer.[51]
  • August 8th - The Creepypasta Wiki is created by ClericofMadness.
  • August 9th - The Girl in the Photograph is uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • August 9th - Gateway of the Mind is uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • August 18th - Wake Up is uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • August 19th - AND THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT is uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • August 30th - Minecraft streamer Copeland supposedly encounters Herobrine in-game, popularising the myth.[52]
  • September 6th - Jvk1166z.esp is posted to a creepypasta Tumblr blog.[53]
  • September 7th - 4chan user "Jadusable" posts a thread about his experiences with a haunted Majora’s Mask cartridge for the N64.[54]
  • September 8th - u/YAYVIDEOGAMES attracts attention in the comments of an r/gaming post after spamming many repetitive, gibberish comments out of nowhere. The account would go on to share several surreal images and over 4000 spam comments before being banned from the site.[55]
  • September 12th - Ash's Coma is uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • September 15th - Jadusable's "roommate" uploads free.wmv and TheTruth.txt at 23:04 PM.
  • September 20th - Jadusable reveals that the Majora's Mask story was a hoax.
  • October 10th - The Theater is uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • October 19th - Notch confirms in a tweet that Herobrine is not real.[56]
  • October 25th - Mr. Widemouth is uploaded to
  • November 1st - Neil Cicierega uploads a Marble Hornets parody skit to YouTube, creating the character of Splendorman.
  • November 3rd - Psychosis is uploaded to
  • November 6th - SpongeBob Bootleg Episode is uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • November 14th - The New York Times posts an article about creepypasta, boosting its popularity.[57]
  • November 20th - A sung version of the Hypno's Lullaby poem is uploaded to YouTube, receiving over 4 million views.
  • December 3rd - An image of a strange white humanoid creature captured from a night-vision trail cam is uploaded to This image would go on to be associated with The Rake, becoming the most recognisable depiction of it.[58]
  • December 28th - SMW Central user Adam posts an account of a Super Mario World ROM hack titled "MARIO", along with a link to the hack itself.


  • January - The MLP dark fanfiction Cupcakes, written by "Sergeant Sprinkles", is rumored to have first appeared on 4chan’s /co/ board around this time.[59]
  • January 3rd - Pokémon Black is posted on the Pokémon fan forum "PokéBoard".[60]
  • February - A group of fanfiction writers get together to begin forming the Fear Mythos.[61]
  • February 2nd- The Cry Baby Lane creepypasta is uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • February 8th - A fan-made Pokémon Lost Silver game is posted to the /r/pokemon subreddit.[62]
  • March 1st - Happy Appy creator Dronian uploads the first revision of the story to the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • April 11th - Cosbydaf uploads the first section of NES Godzilla Creepypasta to the Bogleech forums.
  • April 27th - The Cell Phone Game is uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • April 28th - Easter Egg - Snow on Mt. Silver is uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • May 31st - Herobrine is ackowledged by Mojang for the first time in a changelog for the game which claims to have removed him. This statement would be repeated in most changelogs throughout the years, becoming a running joke.
  • June 8th - CosbyDaf uploads Normal Porn for Normal People to DeviantArt.[63]
  • June 21st - NoEnd House is taken from 4chan and posted on a Blogspot site, where it receives exposure. It is uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki nine days later.[64]
  • June 23rd - YouTuber alantutorial uploads his first video, "how to leak on a piece of paper".
  • June 25th - Website Tohjo Falls releases a demo for fan-made versions of a game based on Pokémon "Creepy" Black.
  • July 3rd - u/Dash32 uploads the first chapter of Butcherface to r/NoSleep.
  • July 9th - BOB is uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • July 21st - The Trollpasta Wiki is founded.[65]
  • August 9th - Sonic.exe creator JC-the-Hyena uploads the first revision of the story to the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • August 11th - Mojang references Herobrine in an official promotional image.[66]
  • August 13th - Cry Baby Lane, having been considered lost media for over a decade, is rediscovered and uploaded online in full.[67]
  • August 14th - User "JustAnotherJengaBlock" uploads the Go to Sleep creepypasta to 4chan's /x/ board.[68]
  • August 28th - Creepypasta Wiki user GameFuelTv uploads the original Jeff the Killer.
  • October 25th - Bloody Mary is uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • October 30th - The Rugrats Theory is uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • October 31st - Nickelodeon re-airs Cry Baby Lane following rejuvenated interest in the film. Additional airings would also take place in 2015, '16, and '17.
  • September 1st - The Creepypasta Wiki hosts its first ever story contest.
  • September 8th - u/1000Vultures uploads Footsteps, the beginning of the Penpal series, to Reddit.
  • November 17th - Mr. Mix is uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki.




  • February - Wattpad user "Massive_Times" uploads Cold and Dark, a 25-part Slenderman fanfiction. The story popularises the idea of Slender's Mansion, a location in which famous Creepypasta characters live together under the governance of Slenderman.
  • February 16th - Happy Sun Daycare is uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • March 2nd - Channel ∞ is uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • March 5th - The r/TwoSentenceHorror subreddit is created.
  • March 20th - Pascal Chatterjee publishes Annie96 Is Typing... to[79]
  • May 31st - The Slender Man stabbing incident occurs in Wisconsin.
  • June 20th - The final, 87th part of Marble Hornets is uploaded to YouTube.
  • July 1st - My Dead Girlfriend Keeps Messaging Me on Facebook is posted to r/NoSleep.[80]
  • September 6th - Blind Maiden Website is uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • September 21st - Jeff the Killer is deleted from the Creepypasta Wiki following a community vote.
  • October 5th - The REACT YouTube channel uploads a video of teenagers playing Sonic.EXE, which receives over 12 million views.
  • October 16th - Richard Littler self-publishes Discovering Scarfolk on Amazon.
  • November 1st - A Spanish creepypasta rap battle between Slenderman and Jeff the Killer is uploaded to YouTube, receiving over 170 million views.
  • November 10th - u/throwfarfarawayaz uploads a story titled WTF Is Going On in Pinal County, Arizona?, which involves a disturbing disease and zombie outbreak implication. [81]
    • November 11th - A SoundCloud audio clip reveals that a store in Mammoth, Pinal County had been receiving many phone calls about "dead people" in the town.
    • November 12th - Several news sites report that Mammoth Police Department and numerous local businesses had been overwhelmed by an influx of people calling about the story.
  • November 24th - Necrosleep is uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • December 14th - YouTuber alantutorial uploads his last video, "tutoiral".



  • July 3rd - An addendum to the Search and Rescue series is uploaded. An additional update is posted the next day.
  • August 26th - Instagram users @ma_kimodo_shi and @j_s_rock post images of a sculpture by Japanese artist Keisuke Aiso, which is subsequently nicknamed Momo. The sculpture becomes a meme due to its unnerving appearance, largely in Spanish-speaking corners of the web.[83]
  • October 11th - The first season of Channel Zero, a horror anthology TV show, airs on the Syfy network, themed around Candle Cove.
  • November 28th - Images of the obscure cartoon character "Milkwalker" are posted on a Tumblr blog, inspiring jokes, memes, and fanart.


  • March 11th - The first Petscop video is uploaded to YouTube.
  • June 29th - A Brazilian film adaptation of Borrasca is released.
  • September 20th - The second season of Channel Zero airs, themed around NoEnd House.
  • October 31st - The first episode of the Local58 analogue horror web series is uploaded to YouTube. It is created by Kris Staub, author of Candle Cove.


  • February 7th - The third season of Channel Zero airs, themed around the Search and Rescue series.
  • April 21st - An anonymous 4chan user posts the original backrooms image in a cursed images thread.[84]
  • May 31st - Another fan-made videogame adaptation of The Theater releases on[85]
  • June 19th - A Self-Induced Hallucination, a documentary film about Slenderman, releases online.
  • July - A challenge daring people to text Momo through a WhatsApp number becomes viral, prompting concerns about interactions with children online.
  • August 16th - The original version of the Trollpasta Wiki, hosted on Fandom (formerly Wikia), is shut down by the website's staff due to having content deemed overly offensive.[86][87]
  • August 18th - Visual artist Trevor Henderson posts the first image of Siren Head to his Twitter and Tumblr, along with a small narrative.[88]
  • August 24th - Slender Man, the movie, releases in the United States.
  • October 26th - The fourth and final season of Channel Zero airs, themed around another r/NoSleep story.
  • October 31st - Indie game development studio Modus Interactive release a Playstation 1-styled horror game on Steam titled "Siren Head", inspired by the creature.[89]


  • Late February - Momo sees a resurgence in attention after an incident involving a child supposedly being told to hold a knife up to his neck by a Momo account, as well as a post by Kim Kardashian to her Instagram story imploring YouTube to stop the promotion of Momo videos on the site.
  • May 12th - An anonymous 4chan user creates a thread on /x/ for unnerving images that "feel off", including the original backrooms image in the post. Another user posts a small narrative about the image later on, coining the term "The Backrooms".[84]
    • May 16th - The combined image and narrative are posted to r/greentext, receiving over 33,000 upvotes.[90]
    • May 17th - Claykid12345 posts The Backrooms, a story inspired by the 4chan post, to the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • May 22nd - Trevor Roberts posts the first piece of media relating to the Mystery Flesh Pit National Park; a poster of its exterior.
  • August 14th - The r/LiminalSpace subreddit is created.[91]
  • September 2nd - The 24th and final instalment in the Petscop series is uploaded.
  • September 11th - Squidward's Suicide is briefly referenced in the SpongeBob episode SpongeBob in RandomLand. The scene is later changed to include a baby Squidward instead.[92]
  • October 16th - u/EaPAtbp uploads "My sugar daddy asks me for weird favors" to r/NoSleep. It eventually becomes the most upvoted work on the subreddit, with over 73,000 since its upload.
  • October 18th - A film adaptation of The Russian Sleep Experiment titled The Soviet Sleep Experiment is released.
  • November 13th - The creator of Petscop reveals themselves in a tweet.
  • November 17th - Gemini Home Entertainment, an analogue horror web series, begins on YouTube.
  • November 26th - Indie game developers DeadlyCrow Games release Escape the Ayuwoki.


  • April 30th - TikToker Alex Howard posts a short video of a giant Siren Head supposedly being filmed by a shaky handheld camera while gunfire and sirens are heard. The video has since accumulated over 31 million views, spawning several memes and fan edits.
  • May 23rd - YouTuber "_Boisvert" uploads Take Care.
  • July 10th - The r/Ruleshorror subreddit is created.
  • August 26th - The Monument Mythos, an analogue horror web series, begins on YouTube.
  • October 15th - YouTuber Adam Butcher releases a video concerning "Catastrophe Crow!", a supposed 3D platform game for the Nintendo 64.
  • November 28th - Indie game developers Radiance release Five Nights at Treasure Island, a FNaF fangame inspired by Abandoned by Disney.


  • April 24th - The Trollpasta Wiki goes back online, now with its own independent domain and hosted by Miraheze.[93]
  • June 10th - Alex Kister uploads the first part of the Mandela Catalogue series, titled overthrone.
  • September 14th - TikToker and 3D horror animator posts a video involving several cat-like creatures, eventually receiving over 86 million views. The creature is named "Smile Cat", suggested by the comments section, and has featured in several more videos made by the creator.
  • December 17th - A Twitter page dedicated to bad two sentence horror stories begins posting.


  • January 7th - YouTuber Kane Pixels uploads The Backrooms (Found Footage), the first of an analogue horror series involving The Backrooms. The video has received over 58 million views, and the series currently has 19 videos.
  • August 11th - Indie game developers Fancy Games release Escape the Backrooms.
  • November 1st - Another film adaptation of The Russian Sleep Experiment is released, titled The Sleep Experiment.
  • November 28th - Indie game developers Radiance release Oblitus Casa, a direct sequel/requel of Five Nights at Treasure Island.


  • February 6th - An A24 feature film adaptation of The Backrooms, based on Kane's horror series, is announced, set to be directed by Kane himself.[94]
  • March 19th - Kane uploads "Renewal", the first part of the "Rolling Giant" found footage series.
  • May 23rd - The movie "Creepypasta" releases on Screambox.
  • September 1st - YouTuber Midnight Krick uploads a video in which they explain that the original Victim #1 image from MARIO has been discovered.
  • October 17th - Twitter user Valdevia_Art posts art of a strange face described as the Ticket Taker, possibly in reference to the entity of the same name from The Theater. Various pieces of fanart and stories of encounters with the face emerge over the following days.[95]
  • December 6th - Instagram user doctor.nowhere posts a video of a thin, black, deformed creature groaning and smacking its hand against the screen, gradually breaking it. The video receives over 58,000 likes.


  • January 5th - doctor.nowhere uploads the "Love Thumper" video to his Twitter page, inspiring several edits. The video becomes a meme on TikTok later on in the month. [96]
  • January 12th - Sonic Fan Games HQ user "grenmoun_s o n i c" uploads a creepypasta fan game titled Green Mountain.


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