16 combatants enter, only one will be the 2spooky4me13 winner. You decide.
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For two days each in October, voting will be held to choose a winner from each bracket. Preliminaries are from 10/1-10/16. Quarterfinals are from 10/17 to 10/24. Semifinals are from 10/25 until 10/28. The Finals are from 10/29 to 10/30. Winner will be announced on Halloween.


The Finals:
Jeff the Killer      VS. The Slender Man 35:21
The Semifinals:
Jeff the Killer    VS.   Suicidemouse.avi 33:14
BEN Drowned  VS.   The Slender Man 11:15

The Quarterfinals:
Jeff the Killer    VS.   Squidward's Suicide 16:13
BEN Drowned    VS.   Smile Dog 23:18
BOB    VS.   Suicidemouse.avi 5:27
The Slender Man    VS.   Candle Cove 32:6

The Combatants:
Jeff the Killer    VS.   Dead Bart 59:18
BEN Drowned    VS.   The Rake 50:31
Squidward's Suicide    VS.   Eyeless Jack 34:18
Smile Dog    VS.   The Tails Doll 41:9
BOB    VS.   Mr. Widemouth 27:15
The Slender Man    VS.   Zalgo 23:16
Buried Alive Model  VS.   Suicidemouse.avi 10:28
Happy Appy  VS.   Candle Cove 8:11


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