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As of September 2019, this wiki no longer accepts stories uploaded by persons other than their original authors without express, provable permission from said original authors. If you want to post someone else's story to the wiki, you must both credit and obtain permission from them before doing so. You can read this blog post for more information.

The proof of said permission (such as screencaps of a DM conversation or email) must be posted either in the article's comments or on an admin's talk page. This must include evidence that you have explained that posting the author's work will release it under a CC-BY-SA license, and that the author is okay with this.

In most cases, we will still attempt to contact the author in question for confirmation. If you are found to have been lying about obtaining permission to post the story, you will be subject to a ban.

For obvious reasons, you do not need permission to post old public domain horror stories, such as historic Gothic horror. However, this exception only covers stories that have entered the public domain by default of their age, not modern stories that have been "released into the public domain", since this tends to be difficult to prove.

Translated Stories

Any stories of your own that you post to this wiki must be primarily in the English language. Parts of your story, such as dialogue, may be in foreign languages, however.

You may post historic public domain non-English stories or poetry, but you must provide an English translation of the text, either of your own making or from a credible source. Simply running the story through Google Translate will not suffice, as this almost always results in weakened, disjointed syntax. Any foreign language stories must still meet the wiki's Quality Standards after translation.

Additionally, if the translated story is not your own or historic public domain material, you must also follow the above steps of obtaining and verifying author permission before posting it. Keep in mind that if there is a language barrier preventing the admins from being able to fully verify author permission, your request to post the work will be denied.