Q: What is a creepypasta?

A: In short a creepypasta is a small (short) story made to disturb or unnerve the reader.

Q: What is the appropriate age rating for the content?

A: Most of our content is okay for users ages 13+. Although we do have some exceptions such as NSFW pastas that shouldn't be read by anyone under the age of 17. These pages are properly marked and have a content warning that you must click through before viewing the page.

Q: Are any of these stories of real events?

A: MOST stories are fictional in nature, it is however recomended that you keep an open imagination.

Q: What age do I need to be to submit a story?

A: You must be 13+ in order to comply with COPPA.

Q: Where can I contact the administrators of the site?

A: You may either contact: Banningk1979, ChristianWallis, ClericofMadness, EmpyrealInvective, or HopelessNightOwl.
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