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In the section below, leave a link to a page on the site and your signature with a timestamp (not the name of the pasta's author). Please make sure you add your signature, as nominations without one will be discarded. Only nominate any given pasta ONCE, as there is a voting method for deciding.

Please do not nominate your own stories. Do not nominate Reddit stories, except those posted to the wiki by their respective original authors. Do not nominate troll or horrible troll pastas (which we no longer allow). Do not nominate pages in Suggested Reading or Memes. Do not nominate any pastas nominated last month. Here is a list of the previous month's nominations. Please note that authors who won the previous month are excluded from nominations the following month to allow for other authors to get the respect and recognition they deserve. Any such nominations will be invalidated. Do not nominate previous PotM winners, contest winners, or spotlighted pastas.

Only ONE nomination per user. If there's more than one pasta that you feel deserves Pasta of the Month, please either contact an admin about it or wait until next month to nominate the next one.

Please don't leave comments next to your vote. The story will more than likely do a better job of convincing the reader to like it than you would giving your opinion. Also, it makes the nomination page look sloppy.

Nominations will be open until the 20th of the month. This gives everyone ample time to nominate pages and then about 10 days to vote. Voting can be done here anytime after the 20th when the poll has been created.

Nominations for August 2024[]

Faces in the Storm - Carson (Talk Page)