Pointsgaming: An In Depth Explanation

Pointsgaming: v. The act of making posts on a wiki that are generally useless merely for the badges and score.

Pointsgaming can be best described as a user of a wiki (in this case the Creepypasta Wiki) flooding the site with unneeded edits for the competitive nature and is a bannable offense (on our wiki).

We do frown upon the act of pointsgaming around here, however if the edit is useful it most of the time isn't considered pointsgaming.

Examples of pointsgaming include but are not limited to:

  • Creating new categories
  • Editing an article repeatedly saving in between each change
  • Adding categories to articles that don't need them
  • Adding multiple pictures to pages that aren't necessary

Examples of legitimate edits that are not pointsgaming:

  • Making multiple edits to one page and saving all of the changes at the end
  • Adding categories that actually make sense to the article
  • Adding pictures to pages that don't ruin the plot and actually make sense with the story
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