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Page Comments (rounded) Special categories Author/creator
Squidward's Suicide 1240+ u/SuicideSquidward
BEN Drowned 1200+ Suggested Reading Alex Hall (Jadusable)
The Russian Sleep Experiment 1060+ PotM
Smile Dog 850+ Suggested Reading Michael Lutz
Lavender Town Syndrome 760+
The Slender Man 600+ Suggested Reading Eric Knudsen (Victor Surge)
The Rake 590+ Suggested Reading
Username: 666 440+ nana825763
Suicidemouse.avi 425+
NoEnd House 420+ PotM Brian Russell
Normal Porn for Normal People 390+ PotM Cosbydaf
Penpal 390+ PotM,
Suggested Reading
Herobrine 390+
The Rugrats Theory 350+
Dead Bart 320+ KI Simpson
Candle Cove 310+ Suggested Reading Kris Staub
Tomino's Hell 310+ Yaso Saijō
Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv 280+
Rap Rat 280+ CanadianCowboy
Midnight Game 280+

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Page Comments (rounded) Special categories Author/creator
190+ PotM
The Devil Game 140+ PotM,
Suggested Reading
Casey Pierce (InfernalNightmare333)
Have You Seen This Man? 140+
Autopilot 130+ Suggested Reading u/Skarjo
Gregory's Room 120+ seinfeldspitstain and TheDeigo908
Plankton Got Served 120+ Nakisions
Ronald McDonald House 110+ Dkingsbury
A Short Minecraft Rant 100+ Wolfenmaus
Burgrr Entries 100+ Suggested Reading Bogleech
Operation Stingray 90+ PotM u/Jaunt-701


Page Comments (rounded) Special categories Author/creator
annie96 is typing... 270+ PotM Pascal Chatterjee
Necrosleep 270+ PotM Lemniscate64
Blind Maiden Website 140+ PotM SpaceManiac888
My Dead Girlfriend Keeps
Messaging Me on Facebook
130+ PotM u/natesw
Channel ∞ 130+ PotM
The Sandman 120+ PotM,
Suggested Reading
Tam Lin
When Gods Blink 90+ PotM CharminglyShallow
The Harbinger Experiment 80+ PotM Zyon J. (PerfectCircle35)
Out in the Woods 80+ PotM Notrepere
Happy Sun Daycare 80+ PotM Chelsea.adams.524


Page Comments (rounded) Special categories Author/creator
Jeff the Killer 2015 290+ Contest Winner K. Banning Kellum
A Small Piece of Lead 80+ PotM EmpyrealInvective
The Long List 80+ PotM,
Suggested Reading,
Contest Winner
The Number of Darkness 50+ PotM HumboldtLycanthrope
Mrfriend123 40+ Justmeyall
From Hell I Write 40+ Jake Wick
Shut That Damned Door 30+ Spotlighted Pastas Josh Parker (WriterJosh)
He Was a New Man 30+ HumboldtLycanthrope
A Figure in the Fog 30+ PotM,
Suggested Reading
The Forest of Things You Want to Happen 20+ Spotlighted Pastas Tiololo


Page Comments (rounded) Special categories Author/creator
Why I Became an Atheist 30+ Spotlighted Pastas RaydiantWon
The Brooding Star 20+ Spotlighted Pastas Matthew Varney
In the Night Garden 20+ Shimoaoi
The Children Found a Flower 10+ Spotlighted Pastas SkullMunch
Her Red Right Hand 10+ Shadowswimmer77
Fleshgait 10+ EmpyrealInvective
The Hell Inside My Head 10+ TheWizardOfTheWoods
The Deaths of Lela and Raymond Howard 10+ Dr. Frank N. Furter
Afternoon Tea 10+ Spotlighted Pastas u/NP-CO
Give It Everything 10+ Spotlighted Pastas ChristianWallis


Page Comments (rounded) Special categories Author/creator
The Girl in the Picture 80+ PotM RaydiantWon
Charles Bonnet Syndrome 20+ PotM,
Suggested Reading
Heavy Rain 20+ PotM,
Suggested Reading
A Game of Tag 20+ PotM Cainmak
The Gravedigger Had an Odd Conversation 10+ PotM TheDoctorFF
She Was Asking for It 10+ Spotlighted Pastas SirTobiasWade
The Bubble Brother's
Happy-Happy Funhouse
10+ Reary77
How to Survive in Hell 10+ u/Ratrotted
Burnin' Down the Ozarks 10+ PotM Baron Fist


Page Comments (rounded) Special categories Author/creator
All Too Human 40+ PotM,
Suggested Reading
How to Beat the Sandman 30+ PotM RedNovaTyrant
Another Senseless Ritual 20+ PotM,
Suggested Reading
A Mother's Obsession 20+ PotM Nick Botic
The Old Bridge in the Park 20+ PotM MoistSquelch
Send Me a Pic 10+ Jdeschene
Sloppy Joes 10+ Kolpik
Into the Psyche 10+ PotM Kolpik
My Roommate Is into Some Weird Fairy Shit 10+ PotM u/sleepyhollow_101
Ball-Pit 10+ Icydice


Page Comments (rounded) Special categories Author/creator
The Backrooms 220+ Claykid12345
Lost Episodes Can Be Found Again 80+ PotM HopelessNightOwl
Dear Theodore 10+ PotM,
Suggested Reading
I've Discovered a Horrifying Truth 10+ PotM SpookFox
The Angelica Incident 10+ Cornconic
Roses Don’t Belong on a Ford Mustang 10+ PotM SawmillTurtle
Where the Birches Lean 10+ PotM L0CKED334
Easter at Uncle Danny's 10+ PotM RedNovaTyrant
The Final Bus of Route 375 10+