On this wiki, you may encounter pages that you cannot edit. These pages have been protected, meaning administrators have locked them from editing for some purpose. Reasons behind this action vary, but it is not commonly done.

Protected Titles

You may find that a page is protected before you even create it - it will take you back to the main page or the previous page you visited. These titles have been protected, either by an admin to prevent spinoff material, derivatives of an already taken title, or previously deleted pages that were reuploaded repeatedly, or protected by our wiki's Abuse Filter for having certain characters in the title (these are not shown in the Protection Log. The abuse filter is an automatic function.) These characters cannot be in your title: .?!@%&*()[]{}$

You can view the Abuse Log here.

Semi-Protected Pages

This wiki does not have enabled anon editing, so these pages are very low in number. However, these pages are still not able to be edited directly by new users who lack the autoconfirmed group right. This is often to protect pages from vandalism of newly created accounts.

Fully-Protected Pages

Fully Protected pages, also know as locked pages, are pages you cannot edit. These are often protected this way due to:

  • Being a Site Rules/Project Page.
  • Being a Suggested Reading/PotM article.
  • Being an article whose author holds a different license than CC-BY-SA and does not wish his work to be altered.
  • A heavily vandalized page or page suffering from edit warring.
  • An admin's user page.
  • A page that needs no further editing.

The Admins are not protecting these pages out of distrust. We are protecting them because they need to be protected, and the decision for protection falls under Administrator discretion. If you see something wrong or needing edited and has been protected, then please tell us about it on one of our talk pages. We will either temporarily unprotect the page or take care of the edit ourselves.

Note that our protected pages are generally few in number, and we hope to keep it that way.

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