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Hi there, how are you? My name is Chris or Mrchrisrocks23 and I am here today to tell you why I think you should elect me as a chat moderator. I feel like I would be a good moderator for the following reasons :

- I am chat literally all day,everday and my eyes would be on it at all cost e.g no looking away on other sites unless its important.

- I am really well known, not popular, in the wiki chat and I have seen loads of people come and go from the wiki, so I would be a familiar face with a different status.

- I would be willing to change myself for the position e.g not be an idiot, but I will still have laughs and things with users.

- It would be a great opportunity for me and it would show other people that I am trust worthy and sociable.

- I may have had a few troublesome times in chat, but I am willing to have a halo above my head at all costs.

- Socialising with other users is my favourite thing to do in my time and it has made me laugh a lot of the times I've been here on the wiki.

- It would bring me closer to the other mods and administrators and I would feel like one of them for once and it would be great to be working with such great people.

If you believe I have an opportunity for it then I would be very greatful, but if it's a no then I will be perfectly all right with that and I will see what I can do to change it for the next mod apps.

Thank you for your time to read this and I wish myself luck and the other users who are applying for mod.

Mrchrisrocks23 (I love you :3 x...just kidding, I love everyone, though am not a slut) (talk) 19:32, September 30, 2014 (UTC)

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Please sign your replies!

Oppose Oppose - Honestly, you have a bad track record. There's not a lot of positive stuff to go on, but you've had a tendency to be troublesome both on site and on chat - you have anger issues that need to be addressed, and I still haven't seen them addressed. You claim it would show you would be trustworthy and sociable; you should show that before you decide to go for mod. So far as I've heard, you've been banned from chat a number of times and largely for the same misbehavior, and that makes me largely uncomfortable. So my vote is oppose. Steam Phoenix - Her Majestic and Loyal Talk Page - 19:46, September 30, 2014 (UTC)

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