Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm an ex-admin who resigned but is now back and active for user. I want to have a second chance as mod (I will not be applying again for admin as I have lost interest in editing, however I may come back to it later someday) because I feel that I have matured since the incidents. I apologize for any biases that were going on as admin then. I would like to apologize to those I have wrongfully banned as well. However, I think I have grown up and can handle making decisions better now since I am going to be re-applying. I would love to continue helping the community and I feel that this will be a major way for me to help. I'm often on during times when mods are needed or wanted and  can act quickly and fairly. I hope you all at least consider me despite my previous actions that I again would like to apologize for. All feedback is welcome so please leave your thoughts down below. Temmington talk Flareon_icon.gif 05:55, January 9, 2014 (UTC)

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