Hello, mentlegen. In my time here, I've learned a lot about Creepypastas. I've also learned that this site is run by many charismatic and powerful people. This site isn't just about reading a spooky story. When you sign up with this site, it's more or less like getting a job where you don't get paid. But, you know what? I like it here, and I'm going to continue helping for as long as I can.

Ever since I've joined, I've been avidly fixing stories with bad grammar and marking those that just can't be saved for review or for all-out deletion. It's been rough, but I think I've been doing my part. I've also recieved suggestions from both Mystreve and Fatal Disease to apply for Rollback.

So, on to the requirements!

Must have been active on the wiki for two months.

Disregarding the initial time of my joining (February 8th, 2014) and the time between February 25th, 2014 of inactivity, I've been on and helping almost every day since.

Must have 200 article edits or 25 cases where you have undone vandalism.

While my stats page does say that I only have 84 article edits, I've been actively fixing story grammar/punctuation issues as well as marking spam pages for deletion when they might go missed by others (remember the spam bot attacks?).

Must know the wiki naming conventions.

Basically, it's just proper capitalization on pasta titles. So, to prove my knowledge: the dark knight rises The Dark Knight RisesDiary of a wimpy kid Diary of a Wimpy KidHanging man Hill Hanging Man Hill.

Yeah. That's all I really had to say.

Support Support -
Neutral Neutral -
Oppose Oppose -

Please sign your replies!

Support Support - Let me tell you about some author who just struts onto our site, writes a horrifyingly great story, and gets it as POTM. Oh and he's been active on the forums as well, and has been a great member of our community since. Fucking right, I support. Mystreve (talk) 21:22, May 31, 2014 (UTC)

Support Support - I agree with Streve on this. He has been helpful with a lot of stuff, and I prefer rollback as a useless right. Why, a right that just needs the overall edits. Do you hear that? That's the grape roaring 21:28, May 31, 2014 (UTC)

Support Support -

I think it's well deserved to give power to an extent to this person. He has shown he can deal with it and has this place's best interests in mind. In fact, I'm surprised he's going for Rollback! I'd support VCROC, maybe with a little more of activity in terms of article edition, but yeah, overall, this is a good choice. --"You know why he's here? Why he's investigating the broken rules? He's not paid or anything. He likes it. He gets off on it" (talk) 21:38, May 31, 2014 (UTC)

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