What does it mean to be a rollback? Users with these rights can move pages and undo an edit recently made by another user. Naturally, a certain degree of reliability needs to be shown to prove the person is ready for the responsibility that comes with it. Thus, it makes sense to have a list of minimum requirements that should be met to apply for the position. However, it is my opinion that the requirements for rollback are needlessly stringent.

To become a rollback, you need to have either 25 cases in which you've undone vandalism or have 200 article edits. Now look at VCROC. You have many of the rights an administrator does, including the ability to block users and delete pages. To apply for this position, you must meet the same prerequisites as a rollback, except you need to be a part of the community for two months longer and have 300 edits, 200 of which are on articles.

Now think about that for a moment. It's very easy to reach that extra 300 edits by commenting on blog posts and chatting on the forum. The real obstacle is 200 article edits, something rollbacks must also attain. That is, as far as requirements for VCROC go, you only need to be here for a little longer than a rollback and rack up 300 edits, which don't even have to be on articles.

What's my point? Perhaps this could be best illustrated by looking at my chat moderator application, which was unanimously supported. I was banned more than three times, and I had far less than 125 article edits. However, I have since proven to be a good, level-headed moderator who can deal with chat matters quickly and efficiently.

As a moderator, I have demonstrated that I can handle the stress associated with watching a chat. I have a combined total of 63 article edits over my accounts User:The Bitter Cold, User:Hävitetty, and User:Likferd. It should be noted that these edits are of high quality; I do not simply add categories and fix a single mistake or two, but read the entire pasta and fix each error I spot.

I know the proper wiki naming conventions and have been a member of the community for a long time. However, the current requirements would have it that I not be given this position simply because I did not meet an arbitrary number, which does not reflect my ability to succeed as a rollback. As you examine this application, I ask that you consider the person, not the number. Thank you.

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Likferd (talk) 22:32, June 27, 2014 (UTC)

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