Here we go!

My name is NightWalkerUmbreon, but just refer to my as Justin. If you remember my previous accounts. You will now who I am, act and my interests. Though I'm probably not the number one option for Rollback rights. I feel like I contributed to this wikia a lot. I have found pages, in where there is vandalism/spam.


Must have been active on this wiki for two months: I joined on May 3rd of this year.

Must have 200 article or 25 cases where you have undone vandalism: I have 401 article edits combined with MrPopo.

Must know the wiki naming conventions: Squidward's Suicide, not Squidward's suicide. 

If I'm granted these rights, I can help to contribute and fix the mistakes left behind by users. I'm trusted by users and chat.

Support Support -
Neutral Neutral -
Oppose Oppose -

Please sign your replies!

Support Support -I don't see why not. I think he'd be good in this position. Me!-Bwahaha! 05:37, August 26, 2013 (UTC)Hurshbr

Support Support - And I know I'm actually supposed to oppose, since Umbreon has only been on this wiki for a week and has 80 edits less than the minimum required, but when I look through his edit history the majority of his edits are helpful (like what the "good" anons do but one hundered edits more) and I believe that he will be a good canidate for rollback and even VCROC.

Aaaand I did not read the application fully and did not know that Umbreon was Popo. Okay then. 

When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth. 06:06, August 26, 2013 (UTC)

Oppose Oppose - As per everyone else's applications. Next time you apply, though, it will more thank likely be a support.

From the Devil's House ; take me. Out of darkness; walk me. Out of blindness; lift me. Out of sadness; save me. From my damned-ness. It is time, Lord. (talk) 23:41, August 26, 2013 (UTC)

Support Support - Using 414's post for relevance, he actually had accounts before this with other edits and has been on the wiki for much more than a week. Also, he has been doing helpful edits recently and it would be no harm in having him in Rollback, I believe.

-   CrashingCymbal  (Talk)  20:44, August 27, 2013 (UTC)

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