I would like to be a roll backer. I understand that this privilege would allow me to eradicate vandalism with more ease.

I am familiar with the naming conventions. As far as I know, they are the same as proper titling conventions. I meet the requirements on all accounts. That is, only if archived revisions are included in the article edit requirement. I have helped improve the stories in the marked for review category more than a few times. I have blanked stories on profile pages or blogs. I have given feedback to users on the writer's workshop. My talents for editing are mostly punctuation, phrasing, and grammar.

I believe my greatest addition to the wiki would be adding the marked for review category when necessary, and as a proofreader. I have sometimes spent more than an hour editing a single page, as I like to edit thoroughly. Unless I am sorting the page, in which case, I like to check the minor edit box.

I have added My Contributions. There are gaps in my editing timeline (mostly October and December), but nothing lacking as far as precision. If you take the time to notice individual edits (maybe you have already noticed), you will find this to be true. I will be more consistently active in the future.

To understand the duties of the position wanted is part of the requirement also. A rollbacker's job is to eradicate vandalism and incorrect edits. Also, to move the pages with errors in the title.

Phoenix of Flames by ShadowDragon22
23:09, January 22, 2015 (UTC)

Support Support -
Neutral Neutral -
Oppose Oppose -

Please sign your replies!

Neutral Neutral - The edit gap worries me. It seems you're constantly coming back to the site and then leaving it again. If you try to be more active, then i'll put a full support.


23:27, January 22, 2015 (UTC)

Neutral Neutral - From what I've seen of you around the wiki, you are an extremely high quality editor. However, your activeness, as you yourself stated, is patchy. Looking through your contributions, you didn't edit at all in December and barely edited in November or Autumn. I truly believe that you would be able to help the community more with rollback rights, but I think you need to prove you're going to stay active. You came back to the wiki after a month's inactivity yesterday - there's no guarantee you won't go inactive again. Therefore, even though I think you're a good editor, I have to vote neutral. If you get a week's solid editing under your belt, I'll support this. He's not the Messiah! He's a very naughty boy! 23:28, January 22, 2015 (UTC)

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