Hi, TheOperator here. I am applying for rollback because I have alot of spare time on my hands, and I enjoy cleaning up pages/editing. I do meet the requirements for the position, and would like to put my literary skills to good use by helping out the community.  

Must Have Been Active on the Wiki for 2 Months - I have been active for 2 months. October 6th 2013 is the day I joined.

  • Must have 200 Article Edits, or 25 cases where you have undone vandalism - I have 313 article edits as of typing this. About 250 of the edits were article edits, and about 50 of them were adding categories/MISC

  • Must know the wiki naming conventions - Jeff the Killer not Jeff The Killer- The Rake not the rake- Eyeless Jack not eyeless Jack- The Slender Man not The SlenderMan.

Thanks everybody for reading bye!

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