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General Category Rules

1. Do not create new categories. Do not add categories that are not listed on this page to stories. If you feel a new category should be created, suggest it here.

2. Categories should only be added when they fit the theme or subject matter of a story. For example, do not add a story to Vehicles just because it mentions a car once.

3. All subcategories are mutually exclusive with their respective parent categories. For example Ghosts is mutually exclusive with Beings.

Admin-only Categories

These categories are only to be added by admins.

Specific Category Rules

Beings All Beings subcategories - Cryptids, Demon/Devil, Ghosts, Gods, and Monsters - are mutually exclusive with Beings and with each other. While Cryptids and Animals are not mutually exclusive, they should not be used to refer to the same creature in a story. The same goes for Beings and all other Beings subcategories.
Books Mutually exclusive with Diary/Journal and Items/Objects.
Historical Archive/PD Cannot be added with any other categories. Do not add stories in the PD author categories to Historical Archive/PD and do not add HPL stories to Lovecraftian.
Holders Cannot be added with any other category, including Ritual and Items/Objects.
Hospitals Mutually exclusive with Places. This category is for stories that take place primarily in or around hospitals or other similar care facilities, not simply stories involving medical procedures or likewise dismemberment.
Lost Episodes Mutually exclusive with Television. Must not be added to any other categories except Historical Archive, Videos, and Memes. We no longer accept lost episode stories.
Reddit Pastas Only use this category for stories posted on Reddit that you wrote or are migrating to this wiki with provable permission from the original author. It is against the rules to migrate other people's stories to this wiki without their permission.
Vehicles While not mutually exclusive with Items/Objects, they should not both be used to refer to the same object in a story.
Video Games Cannot be added to any other category except Suggested Reading (admin-only), Historical Archive, Videos, Memes, Poetry, Theory, and PotM. The same goes for PokéMon and Zelda, in addition to being mutually exclusive with Video Games.
Videos This category is only for articles that contain videos. Stories about videos but not containing them should be added to other relevant categories such as Television or Computers and Internet.
Weird Use sparingly. This category should only be used for stories that don't fit other genre categories or are genuinely weird in some way. If a story already has five categories, it probably doesn't need to be added to Weird.

Blogs and User Pages

Blogs are not articles. User pages are not articles. Do not add categories to blogs (other than the default one that is automatically published with each new blog and cannot technically be removed). Do not add categories to user pages.

If you add categories to a blog or a user page, you will be warned, then blocked from editing if the incident repeats itself.

Suggesting New Categories

If you feel that a category you have in mind would be a useful addition to this site, leave a message on ClericofMadness's talk page with the name of the category, reason(s) why you feel it should be added, and a general idea/list of pages that would fit the category. Again, we are not a search engine and categories are not keywords.

A suggested new category must be applicable to at least ten stories to be considered for creation.

Flagged and Marked Categories

These categories can be used by all users (they are not restricted to the admin user groups).

Marked for Review: Pages that need further editing/fixing. This category is not to be used to get others to review your work.

Delete Now: For pages that violate the rules and/or the Wikia ToU and need to be deleted ASAP.

Important: Be sure to read this page before marking stories for review or deletion. Abuse of these tags may result in a temporary ban.

Once added, Delete Now and Marked for Review may only be removed by an admin.

Wiki Author Categories

Users with ten or more stories hosted on the wiki are eligible for their own author category. To have your author category created, make a request for it on an admin's talk page.

Do not create your author category yourself, as all your stories will have to be reviewed for quality before you are granted your category. However, once created, you may add the category to any stories you post on the wiki.

You may add your author category to any of your own stories regardless of specific category exclusions.

Penalties for Violations

The following is a list of penalties for violations of these rules (this includes adding nonexistent categories/category creation).

First time: Warning

Second time: 1 day/violation.

Third time: 1 week/violation.

Fourth time: 1 month/violation.

Fifth time: 3 months/violation.

Sixth time: 1 year/violation

Seventh time: Permanent ban from editing.

General Use Story Categories

  • Animals: Far from your cute, cuddle-worthy pets, these pastas involve animals. (556 P)
  • Beings: Pastas that involve some unknown being, often with malicious intents. (3,059 P)
    • Cryptids: A collection of unsettling cryptozoological-related stories. (140 P)
    • Demon/Devil: Vile entities from the abyssal depths. (704 P)
    • Ghosts: How can you have a Creepypasta site without ghost stories? (1,024 P)
    • Gods: Stories involving gods and deities. (224 P)
    • Monsters: Things that go bump in the night, but are neither beings nor demons/devils. (1,152 P)
  • Christmas: For when the world is silent, the fire crackles, and the snow is splattered in red. (64 P)
  • Computers and Internet: Pastas with elements of computer weirdness, like cursed files, programs or websites. (528 P)
  • Diary/Journal: Pastas with a personal twist, meaning they involve someone's diary or journal. (740 P)
  • Disappearances: People vanish every day... (907 P)
  • Dismemberment: Sometimes, in pastas, people just go to pieces. (1,234 P)
  • Dreams/Sleep: For those pastas that involve getting a little shut-eye...then possibly never waking up. (1,221 P)
  • Halloween: For the most horrifying time of the year, Halloween; when evil powers are at their strongest, and the boundaries between the living and dead are at their weakest. (91 P)
  • History: Pastas about historic events. (386 P)
  • Hospitals: Pastas about hospitals. (94 P)
  • Items/Objects: A breed of pasta that is centered around an item which is haunted, has a dark past, or causes horrible things to happen. (950 P)
    • Books: Pastas that involve some manner of book that isn't a diary or a journal. (107 P)
  • Lost Episodes: Stories about missing, lost, or otherwise unheard of episodes, movies, or other digital media. Note: we no longer accept Lost Episode pastas. (41 P)
  • Lovecraftian: IA! IA! This kind of pasta fhtagn for you to read them. (232 P)
  • Memes: Pastas that are well cemented in 4chanian lore or are a certified meme. (97 P)
  • Mental Illness: Pastas involving various levels of insanity. (2,648 P)
  • Military: Like the ramblings of an insane vet, these stories are interesting, scary, and about the military in some way. (256 P)
  • Mirrors: These kinds of stories typically involve mirrors and their strange abilities. (208 P)
  • Music: ♪~ For stories about music. (190 P)
  • Nature: Pastas set in or about the natural world, tapping in to your primal fears. (457 P)
  • NSFW: Pastas that might get you in trouble with your boss at work. Proceed with caution. (294 P)
  • Photography: Pastas pertaining particularly to peculiar photos. (124 P)
  • Places: Stories centered on a specific location. (1,624 P)
  • Poetry: These stories are the bowtie pasta to the atypical spaghetti of prose pastas. (298 P)
  • Reality: Creepypastas made to destroy a pretense about reality you might have had. (1,242 P)
  • Ritual: All these pastas involve rituals; don't blame us should anything go wrong. (494 P)
    • Holders: They must never come together, for these are the original Holders series stories. (282 P)
  • Science: Everything from insane experiments to scientifically based mind-fuckery are located here. (522 P)
  • Space: Pastas taking place in or dealing with the final frontier, outer space. (170 P)
  • Television: If you're looking for TV weirdness, this is your category. (177 P)
  • Theory: Stories that look at something from a different perspective. (287 P)
  • Troll Pasta: These are less horrible versions of Horrible Troll Pastas. Note: we no longer accept Trollpastas. (19 P)
  • Vehicles: These stories are either based around vehicles or take place primarily inside them. (165 P)
  • Video Games: Generally, these are stories about strange goings-on in video games. (160 P)
    • PokéMon: Pastas involving the many multitudes of the all 646 'mons. May Arceus have mercy on your soul. Note: we no longer accept Pokemon pastas. (98 P)
    • Zelda: Open this chest and you might find an actual piece of a heart. Scary stories involving the Legend of Zelda franchise. Sorry, we no longer accept Zelda pastas. (18 P)
  • Weird: Stories that can't quite be categorized any other way. (896 P)

Special Categories

  • Historical Archive: For old pastas. (348 P)
  • Reddit Pastas: Pastas originating from /r/nosleep. Note: only the original authors may post their works here. (285 P)
  • Suggested Reading: A good start for those who are new to Creepypasta. Admin-only. (61 P)
  • Spotlighted Pastas: Stories picked by admins to be featured on the front page. Admin-only. (30 P)
  • Videos: Pastas with videos in them. Even scarier than just reading them! If there is not a video on the page, it does not need this category. See Television for things about videos but not containing them. (3,403 P)
  • Contests: For contests. (25 P)
  • Contest Winner: For contest winners. (29 P)
  • PotM: All Pasta of the Month winners go in here. Admin-only. (92 P)
  • AGB: Stories by Ambrose Bierce. Nothing matters. (68 P)
  • EAP: Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore." Stories by Edgar Allan Poe go in here. (115 P)
  • HPL: Lovecraft's actual writings. Not to be confused with Lovecraftian, which draws inspiration from his works. (144 P)
  • Kafka: A category for the works of the late Franz Kafka. (15 P)
  • REH: Stories by Robert E. Howard. (35 P)
  • User Stories: A supercategory for prolific authors that edit on this wiki. (43 P) See each subcategory for more stories by that author.