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People, this is important. Remember to post all the pages you create to the [[Article Listing]].
==How to Add Pages to the Article Listing==
6 Easy Steps:
#Hover your mouse over site navigation.
#Click [[Article Listing]].
#Find the letter the pasta belongs in. (Example: Demon Baby goes under D for Demon. The Demon Baby goes under D as well. See the special rules below.)
#Click on the letter.
#Find where the pasta's name goes in alphabetic order ( Demon baby goes after Demitri's journal and before Demon eyes.)
#Edit the page and add the pasta by clicking edit. Click on the button on the upper part of your screen that looks like a chain link. Fill out the top info by cutting and pasting the URL to the pasta, and then below that put the name of the pasta. After you have done that, click To A Wiki Page. Press the PREVIEW button (to the left of PUBLISH) to see if you did it right and-if so-publish.
==Special Rules==
#If a page's name starts with the words A, AN, or THE, you would add the page to the section that has the same letter as the NEXT WORD in the title.
#For instance, The Demon Baby would go under D for Demon Baby, The. To alphabetize the link, under where you paste the URL, put Demon Baby, The.
#If you do placed A, AN, THE titled pastas either A or T. You will recieve the same punishment as if you didn't update it. You will be banned for a day and it will be doubled each time you violate the rule.
==What Happens if I Don't Update?==
#Failure to update the article listing will result in an automatic blocking of your account each time you neglect to do so.
#For the first time you do not add your page to the article listing, you will be banned for 24 hours (1 day). Each time after that, the length will double. The second time you fail to update the listing, you will receive a 2 day ban, then after that 4 days, then 8 days, and so on.
==Advanced Link-Creation==
For a quick and easy method of creating links for the Article Listing and anywhere else on the site, just surround the NAME of the page EXACTLY as it appears with a pair of square brackets.
For example: To link to the page "Demon Baby" on the wiki, you would type <nowiki>[[Demon Baby]]</nowiki>.
If you want to change what the link says, use a pipe ("|") character between the actual page name and the text you want to appear.
For example: If I wanted the page "Demon Baby" to read "my first pasta", I would write the link as <nowiki>[[Demon Baby|my first pasta]]</nowiki>.
==See also==
*[[Article Listing/Tutorial]]
*[[Article Listing Guidelines]]
[[Category:Site Rules]]

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