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What is a Spam Page?

An article will be considered spam if it is:

  2. WrItTeN In AlTeRnAtInG CaPs.
  3. A blank page.
  4. Devoid of literary merit.
  5. So poorly written as to be unreadable and to try to edit the page would constitute the need for a total rewrite of the article.
  6. A Horrible Troll Pasta that makes no attempt to be creepy or scary in any way.
  7. Anything that ends with Bel-Air, THEN WHO WAS PHONE, And then a skeleton popped out, or Everybody walk the dinosaur.
  8. Zalgo text.


If you create a spam page, that page will be instantly deleted and you will be blocked from editing for three days. The second time is a week, the third is two weeks, and so on.

Troll Pastas

In an attempt to restore some overall quality to this wiki, users are not allowed to post troll pastas. Doing so will result in a block from editing. If you really must post one of these, add it to Trollpasta Wiki instead.


In the event you post via any means a story, page, or blog post about a subject matter that is determined, at an admin's discretion, to be 1) in a highly clichéd genre/category/subject and 2) poorly written, clichéd, generic, or of generally poor quality, then the admins are free at their discretion to delete the page at any time without warning.

This wiki is not responsible or liable for any loss of data or stories that happen on this site for any reason or in any manner they may occur.


Although most content is licensed under CC-BY-SA, not all content falls under this license. Please pay careful attention to the licensing of all stories. We are not responsible for damages, etc. that may arise from mishandling of licensing. When in doubt, contact the author.

Content that is not in the public domain or under a CC0 license must have attribution if used in videos or other media. This is not optional under any other Creative Commons license. That is copyright infringement.