These are general guidelines for talk pages. When leaving a message to someone, particularly admins for any reason, please follow these guidelines.


  • Please leave a new section headline for new topics. This prevents things from getting generally messy.
  • Leave a signature beside your message using 4 tildes (~). Like this: ~~~~
  • When replying to a particular message, leave a colon (:) in front of it. This will indent your message and cause less mess.


  • Some admins have more than one talk page dealing with a particular message. They will often leave a link to that talk in their header. Use it rather than their main if your message deals with that topic.
  • Being offensive and insulting has little effect on us. Don't come ranting. It will result in a one day block.
  • Do NOT alter talk page messages that are not yours, under any circumstances.
  • Do not remove messages from your talk page, with the exception of the automated Welcome message. ESPECIALLY not messages from administrators or warnings.
  • Please be sure to read any talk page headers on other people's talk page.
  • You may not remove or blank your talk page. You can archive it when it gets too long, but it is still a public record, not a private messaging system.

These guidelines are meant to regulate talk pages to prevent messiness and confusion. They are general guidelines, not necessarily solid rules, but that does not mean that the more severe guidelines, such as vandalism, removing warnings, offensive/insulting ranting/harassment, and message altering will not be met with penalties. They will, and most are at the admin's discretion.

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