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Eldritch tales of terror. Feel free to criticize.
*[[The Horrid Tale of Martin Mole]]
*[[The Brotherhood|Brotherhood, The]]
*[[The Cataclysm|Cataclysm, The]]
*[[Dating Game]]
*[[Her Picture]]
*[[Jeff Is Back]]
*[[Suspicions Regarding Chain Mail]]
*[[Who Is Your Soul?]]
*[[The Lost Book of Yahweh]]
*[[The Inevitable]]
==Adam Carl Castillo==
Sorry about my story, I do suck quite a degree when it comes to writing stories. Still, I hope you appreciate my pasta.
*[[Head on the Mirror]]
*[[The Man in the Abandoned House]]
*[[Asylum Encounter]]
I'm fairly new to the wiki but extremely familiar with horror
*[[The Elkman|Elkman, The]]
==Aerias Tantibus==
I'm a veteran writer but new to creepypastas and horror, so my work may not be the best.
*[[Aerias Tantibus]]
==Agent Schism of the Foundation==
These are some of the tales compiled by unknown means by Agent Schism. Handle with care.
*[[The Town Walk]]
*[[Love Spell]]
*[[Alex Black]]
*[[Thomas and the Children]]
*[[Dr. Wiseman]]
*[[Shadow in My Dream]]
*[[Mr. Shadow]]
*[[The Investigation]]
I like to write stuff. If you guys like what I write. then I'll write more. If not, oh well.
My grammar usually needs some help here and there, so go ahead and fix something if you see a problem.
*[[The Hangover]]
*[[The Plan]]
*[[The Thing in the Cavern Depths]]
'''Think. Don't just look. Think.'''
*[[The Marker]]
I write stuff when I want to, not just creepypasta but also poetry^^
*[[Crows, the Abyss and Dancing Shadows]]
I write stuff, albeit not always creepy. Hell, this one is more reflective than anything. Horror comes later, promise.
I really hope you like it, I am not the best of writers by a long shot but still I hope it is good enough to please.
*[[Alexia's Fall - Part 1]]
*[[Alexia's Fall - Part 2]]
Just some shit I've done on my free time. Don't edit it unless you've asked me... Oh, and if you're reading this, Cleric, feel free to delete Journal of Project 13, I have something else in mind..
*[[I Love My Job]]
*[[The Friday Ad]]
==Alanna Banhoff==
*[[The Deer]]
*[[As I Am]]
==Alexander Moran==
I just make pastas to portrait my creativity. If there is any editing and/or corrections I should make, please let me know.
*[[Pokémon Silver]]
*[[What You Don't See]]
Gramer only all pastas are true if not most writen by me.
*[[The Truth Starts Here]]
*[[The Longest Month]]
*[[Warning of the Star Beings]]
*[[McDonald's Girl]]
*[[Still Winter]]
*[[Behind You]]
*[[A New World]]
*[[Eyes Are Cliche]]
*[[The Chosen One]]
*[[User:HiddenSpirit|HiddenSpirit's]] pasta: [[Always the Quiet Ones]]
*[[User:MoMo6|MoMo's]] pasta: [[The Face of Eternity]]
*[[User:Avenging Angel|Avenging Angel's]] pasta: [[The Wings of Azrael]]
==Alucard Si Britannia==
*[[The Devil's Work]]
*[[My Friend's Family]]
*[[Lochmere: Quarantine]]
*[[The Seven]]
*[[The Zapata Letters]]
*[[Heading through a Demonic Life]]
*[[A Kiln for a Kill]]
*[[Diary of a Missing Woman]]
Rituals! Rituals everywhere!
*[[Blind Man's Bluff]]
*[[Red Hands]]
==A. Nightfire==
*[[The Stitch Twins]]
*[[The Cat in the Attic]]
*[[End of Life]]
*[[My Dear Alyna]]
*[[Night Whispers]]
*[[Flat Fields]]
*[[The Little Room Stories]]
==Antenna Hound==
*[[Bledy Stin: The Pale Shadow]]
*[[Reaping Raven]]
*[[My Afterlife: Flashes Of The Past]]
*[[My Sunshine]]
*[[The Attic Tomb]]
*[[Knock Knock Knock]]
*[[Vivian and the Beast]]
==Archivist of Lost Souls==
*[[Watching from the Forest]]
*[[Sign a Contract]]
*[[I Am Being Followed]]
*[[The Truth behind Morgan's Corner]]
*[[O Maníaco de Doom]]
*[[The Elephant]]
Hello! I'm AsianLink. Scary? Probably not. Obscurity? Hell yes.
*[[The Man and the Monster]]
==Assend Into madness==
*[[Inner Voice "The True Self"]]
*[[Stranger in The Window]]
Hello there, friend. I hope you enjoy!
*[[The Demonic Eye]]
*[[Sick Charlie]]
*[[The Walls Have Ears]]
*[[The Bones]]
==Alavalanche Flower Girl==
*[[Through a Child's Eyes]]
==Avenging Angel==
*[[The Pillowcase]]
*[[I Didn't Mean It]]
*[[Red Moon]]
*[[Reality of the Faceless]]
*[[Eyeless Jack]]
*[[The Rose, the Knife, and the Forest|Rose, the Knife, and the Forest, The]]
[[Category:Article Listing Subpages]]
I'm a YouTuber, a Filmmaker, and sometimes I write scary stories. Enjoy!
*[[The Last House On Bridle]]
==Anti Christ==
I'm new to writing creepypastas, any feedback is welcomed.
*[[No Such Thing as Monsters]]

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