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There's Something Strange Going on in Akaterville
by The Anonymous Crouton

A normal town with normal people...or so it seems...

Three Games of Seance

by MLycantrope

Three games of Seance. That’s all it took to unleash pandemonium

Crimson Mist

by Tewahway

A city is enveloped in a peculiar mist, provoking the residents into violent acts. Can one young man survive the chaos?

Smiling Joe

by CreepyAmishJoe2008

Smiling Joe, the one who haunts Lupo Lane. This is my experience.

Taffy Bomb

by Creepy Thomas O.

If Marcus can't collect fifty pounds of candy from trick-or-treating, very bad things will happen.

Knuckle Bones

by Kolpik

Anything can happen on the 31st of October and Jack is proof of that. He's back in the realm of the living and he's not too happy about it.

Nostalgia Trip

by Icydice

An NSFW story. A college student takes a trip down memory lane. When he discovers his old Nintendo DS and plays it, he comes to realize that parts of his childhood have been obscured from his memory.

Old Rattlebones

by RedNovaTyrant

Watch out for skeletons in your closet. They might getcha.

Dead Man's Hand

by WilsonDKiller

Recently I learned that Count Dratoc died. The cause of death was suicide. The way he went out was fairly fitting for the man. In death, as he was in life, strange, shocking, and most definitely unintentionally attention-grabbing

Avian Plane

by ZugZuwang

What makes you human? How much do you fear it being stripped from you? One man is soon to find out.

My Family Experienced a Deadly Car Crash

by Icydice

A man and his family experience a horrific crash. Following the accident, the man describes the strange events which are soon to transpire.

Poppies and Daffodils

by Cornconic

Every small town has its secrets. But for St. Anthony, one peculiar resident has more than most.

You Said Forever

by The Vesper's Bell

The girl tried to scream as Annabelle’s fangs sunk into her neck, but her jaws clamped down with such force that she couldn’t even breathe.


by MLycantrope

Walking past a bush line, Vincent found himself in Eden.

From Madness Born

by The Vesper's Bell

An ex-soldier is called to pay a late-night visit to a local asylum, to take care of a patient who's had a bad reaction to his 'treatment'.

The Storyteller's Apprentice

by StalkerShrirke

The Storyteller passes on its knowledge of strange stories - and that knowledge can be incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands.

Valley of Hinnom

by MLycantrope

Climbing down the stair

I heard a voice that came from nowhere

Fey Hollow

by Shadowswimmer77

I was just a boy when I discovered Fey Hollow or, perhaps, when it discovered me.

Rising Boreal: The Vampire Murders

by AudreyOwO

A series of brutal killings. An odd small town. And a mentally ill reporter looking to investigate.

News Transcript from a Parallel Universe

by AudreyOwO

Public executions, Unknowable paranormal phenomenon, and Celebrity foot fungus.

A Victor, Spoiled

by Wobblingkirlia

Strangely, getting struck by lightning was only the start of Tamara's problems.

The Fields

by Stephen Allan

Among the crops, they're starving...


by [[User:<Muckpunch>|<Muckpunch>]]

<A broken boy meets a broken ghost.>

Base Number: VILE

by Stephen Allan

Some places in history are best left forgotten...

Base Number: VILE

by Stephen Allan

Some places in history are best left forgotten...

When Will The Laughing Stop

by Noctevoire

There's no punchline.

The Windows to Hell in Siberia

by MLycantrope

The “Windows to Hell in Siberia” is a set of thirteen rumored photographs taken by a man named Seraphim Chertov in the late nineties. The photographs contain imagery from a currently abandoned summer cottage just outside of Novosibirsk, Russia

My Door Was Left Unlocked

by deletedaccount36

The door's unlocked again. Nothing's out of place.

Creeeeeak... Creeeeeak... Creeeeeak...

A Thousand Suns

by MLycantrope

Dazhbog save us, everyone

Will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns?

For the sins of our hand,

The sins of our tongue

The sins of our father

The sins of our young


Dreadfort File 1: The Gordian Knot

by The Vesper's Bell

‘Gordy is a silly name for an Eldritch Abomination’. That’s what they said,” the entity quoted. “I don’t want a silly name.

Template:WS.defaultThey Know I'm Here Now

by Levi Athens

A story based on sasquatch lore about discovering the unknown.

Forgiveness is a Warm Blanket

by Jdeschene

It's the little things that matter most.

Heaven and Hell Aren’t What You Think They Are

by TetsuyaH

Learn the mysteries of the afterlife that awaits you, but be warned: Heaven and Hell may be closer than you think...

Heaven and Hell Aren’t What You Think They Are

by TetsuyaH

Learn the mysteries of the afterlife that awaits you, but be warned: Heaven and Hell may be closer than you think...

The Hedge Witch Of Harrowick Woods

by The Vesper's Bell

A strange howling in the middle of the night from the nearby woods draws a young woman in to investigate, only for her to walk right into the middle of someone else's story.

The Wait is Over

by TetsuyaH

Hidden in the deep recesses of your mind, something is returning that you really wish that you had forgotten...

In a Downpour

by Wobblingkirlia

As a storm rages outside her home, a young woman investigates a lost piece of 90s video game history.

The Behemoth of the Deep

by MLycantrope

The icy waves bashed against my body. It feels all too real, and I try to stay afloat, but I can’t. I couldn’t swim at the time, thus realizing I must be dreaming somewhat made the whole situation less tense until I saw a massive wave coming towards me

Lessons Learned

by Jdeschene

Hansel and Gretel have returned safely from their ordeal, but are they really any wiser?

The Book of Emrys

by The Vesper's Bell

Seeking shelter from a sudden storm, a driver pulls into the Somber Starlight Roadhouse. When he gets to his room, he finds that the nightstand contains something a little less traditional than a Gideon's Bible.


by Jdeschene

A candidate for the scariest place in Massachusetts.

At the Bottom

by Jdeschene

A risk-taking diver makes a startling discovery.


by Jdeschene

It's a summer day with a big surprise in store!

Template:WS.defaultThe Rogue

by Noctevoire

A wealthy playboy sets out to defy Chaos itself.


by Maanhatt

Why do dogs bark at nothing?

The Were-Witch of the Howling Woods

by The Vesper's Bell

“Nope. ‘Were’ means man. A Were-Witch would be a warlock,” Thorogood said sardonically. If he was going to die, he might as well die correcting people’s etymological errors.

The Brass Key

by mmpratt99 deviantart

Part Two of the Rue Des Jardins series that sheds further light upon the boarding house's dark history

I Don't Enjoy Driving Anymore

by Spookfox

An ordinary drive home after an ordinary day at work suddenly turns terrifying as the world around our narrator begins to change. Strangely, he can't seem to find the street he lives on, and the roads stretch on impossibly long... But that's impossible. Right?

Spirituales Virum

by MLycantrope

Demons are like spiritual parasites that need a physical body to exist in our world. They take over one and make it their own. It's termed Spirituales Virum in Latin.

The Woman at the Door

by Jdeschene

An unexpected guest leads to an unexpected evening.


by Jdeschene

No good deed....

[[<Widow's Closet>]]

by [[User:<Cecility Kay>|<Cecility Kay>]]

<Yep... again.>

[[<You Couldn't>]]

by [[User:<cecility Kay>|<cecility Kay>]]

<Soo.. yep.>

The Merchant of Kerebros

by StalkerShrike

A strange creature appears to a young woman and offers to trade her memories.

Your Best Years

by Cornconic

An enthusiastic employer welcomes a young woman in need of a job to his workplace.

Upon a Crimson Throne

by Santiago Del Mar

Two men journey home to face horrors 20 years in the making, they confront love, grief and the otherworldly along the way

The Thirteenth Baby

by Jdeschene

Marcy could have sworn there were only twelve births that morning. So why on Earth does she keep counting thirteen babies in the nursery?

Rest in Peace

by MLycantrope

I hope you can finally rest in peace, you've earned this much.

The Suburbs Series

by Santiago Del Mar

Emails describe a strange suburb with even stranger occurances

Beneath Still Waters

by Jdeschene

What if The Little Mermaid had ended differently? Forget about the Disney version because you won't find any trace of it here.


by PaintedGoat72

A sad and creepy story about suicide and depression, in rhyme.


by [[User:<PaintedGoat72>|<PaintedGoat72>]]

<An investigation of disappearances in a small town.>

The Workmen

by Jdeschene

Two visitors appear to a woman at night. What are they there for, and what's to become of her?

Shoot Up and Loot Up

by Maanhatt

Dark forces collide and humans suffer to create an outlandish dream, dreamt by a powerful man.

Doug's Salvation

by Gomez Capulet

A terrible price must be paid for wrongdoing.

Plague of Pigs

by MLycantrope

What if the Black Death had only killed those who were filthy pigs?

Inconvenient Feelings

by ExRwood

A surgery changes a woman's perceptions of the world.

Fool's Gold

by Cornconic

A destitute gold-seeker obsesses over a well-off family who have moved in next door, convinced they are stealing his profits.


by Gomez Capulet

A man makes a terrible sexual discovery at a bachelor party.

I Am Nebulous

by William See

The journal of a SIADs patient.

The Dark House

by StalkerShrike

A strange and eerie facility hides dark secrets - secrets which might be better left unknown.

The Colour Of Television Tuned To A Dead Channel

by The Vesper's Bell

There's never anything good on TV. What's inside it is even worse.

Bitter Tea and Sweet Lies

by ExRwood

A long journey, a cup of tea, and a bitter realization.

The Sealed Garden

by Mmpratt99 deviantart

Enjoy your stay at the Rue Des Jardins Lodge. Please disregard the swarms of patrolling cats and unusual large flocks of crows and magpie. OH, and just stay clear of the sealed garden in back.

If Only

by Jdeschene

We all have regrets. Some are bigger than others.


by Jdeschene

You ever look at those sickly, gross feeder fish they keep in the back of the pet store? Ever wonder what kind of animal would eat something like that? Well, here's your answer....

[[<Night in the Woods>]]

by [[User:<Rejoinable3>|<Rejoinable3>]]

<Using a ritual to confront your innermost desires.>

[[<The Dark Prision>]]

by [[User:<Pedroosop>|<Pedroosop>]]

<An dark Prision where you can scape, but after you see the true light you can't go back>


by StalkerShrike

An unsettling dream quickly spirals out of control.

[[The Heart of the Deep]]

by Crux Tamaki

The prelude to Mind of the Deep, this story tells the story of an unfortunate voyage to a distant star, many millennia in the past.

[[The Child Woven Basket]]

by [[User:User:Maanhatt|User:Maanhatt]]

<A child groggily plays hide and seek during the night, and encounters a horrifying beast. >

Bad Penny

by ExRwood

No matter where you go, a bad penny always turns up.

The Mysterious Condition

by Dagge12

A surgeon discovers an unexplainable disease and blogs about it.

Just Ignore Them

by Bravo667

The fates of two men collide when one of them is engineered to be a super-soldier.

The Sisterhood in Saffron

by AudreyOwO

I tearfully mouth “I’m sorry” to my undead victims for the last time as they break down the walls around me.


by StalkerShrike

After the events of Darknest, Ashek attempts to hunt down his escaped targets, unaware of just how big the situation has become.

Look Into the Mirror

by Xxxclassifiedxxx132

What you see in the mirror can all be explained...

Close The Door

by Xxxclassifiedxxx132

Parents say you should close your door before you sleep, but what happens if you don't?

Secret Ingredient

by Jdeschene

They say a mother can't worry too much about her child, but when happens when she lets her guard down?


by AudreyOwO

The only hope for a washed up musician lives in the darkest reaches of the cosmos.

The Derelict Exchange

by kyleisgone

A Man's Journey At Night

Mourning Someone Who Never Existed

by BloodySpghetti

How do you actually someone who never really existed?

Dreams of a Hero

by ExRwood

A woman finally becomes the hero she had always dreamed of, but at what cost?


by StalkerShrike

An Exterminator and his assistant get more than they anticipated when their target outwits them.

Whatever You Do, Don't Leave the Basement

by StaticWrites


Fleshy Trials

by Maanhatt

A marine biologist is consumed by a nightmarish fish, and must complete three arduous trials.


by HopelessNightOwl

Photo albums are more than just pictures. They're your family history.

How to Beat the Sandman

by RedNovaTyrant

Ever wish you didn't need so much sleep? It would certainly help with all-night study sessions or last minute assignments. Well, there just so happens to be a little game you can play that can remove the need for sleep...

The Invitation

by HopelessNightOwl

A young bachelor receives an invitation to join a secret society... that lives somewhere in his house.

Silent Spring

by HopelessNightOwl

Something has caused the birds at Faulkner Wildlife Refuge to stop singing.

Broken Windows

by HopelessNightOwl

Someone needs help tracking down a strange documentary they saw years ago.

Lost Episodes Can Be Found Again

by HopelessNightOwl

A young child saw a disturbing version of "The Aristocats." Years later they try to track it down, getting sucked down a deep rabbit hole in the process.

Letter to the Editor, June 2004

by HopelessNightOwl

A local resident expresses their frustration with the school board's recent decisions regarding the district auditorium.