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Bad Penny
by ExRwood

No matter where you go, a bad penny always turns up.

The Mysterious Condition

by Dagge12

A surgeon discovers an unexplainable disease and blogs about it.

Just Ignore Them

by Bravo667

The fates of two men collide when one of them is engineered to be a super-soldier.

The Sisterhood in Saffron

by AudreyOwO

I tearfully mouth “I’m sorry” to my undead victims for the last time as they break down the walls around me.


by StalkerShrike

After the events of Darknest, Ashek attempts to hunt down his escaped targets, unaware of just how big the situation has become.

Look Into the Mirror

by Xxxclassifiedxxx132

What you see in the mirror can all be explained...

Close The Door

by Xxxclassifiedxxx132

Parents say you should close your door before you sleep, but what happens if you don't?

Secret Ingredient

by Jdeschene

They say a mother can't worry too much about her child, but when happens when she lets her guard down?


by AudreyOwO

The only hope for a washed up musician lives in the darkest reaches of the cosmos.

The Derelict Exchange

by kyleisgone

A Man's Journey At Night

Mourning Someone Who Never Existed

by BloodySpghetti

How do you actually someone who never really existed?

Dreams of a Hero

by ExRwood

A woman finally becomes the hero she had always dreamed of, but at what cost?


by StalkerShrike

An Exterminator and his assistant get more than they anticipated when their target outwits them.

Whatever You Do, Don't Leave the Basement

by StaticWrites


Fleshy Trials

by Maanhatt

A marine biologist is consumed by a nightmarish fish, and must complete three arduous trials.

The Abandoned

by Jdeschene

Why has a man woken up in the middle of a forest? And what is that creature pursuing him?


by HopelessNightOwl

Photo albums are more than just pictures. They're your family history.

How to Beat the Sandman

by RedNovaTyrant

Ever wish you didn't need so much sleep? It would certainly help with all-night study sessions or last minute assignments. Well, there just so happens to be a little game you can play that can remove the need for sleep...

The Invitation

by HopelessNightOwl

A young bachelor receives an invitation to join a secret society... that lives somewhere in his house.

Silent Spring

by HopelessNightOwl

Something has caused the birds at Faulkner Wildlife Refuge to stop singing.

Broken Windows

by HopelessNightOwl

Someone needs help tracking down a strange documentary they saw years ago.

Lost Episodes Can Be Found Again

by HopelessNightOwl

A young child saw a disturbing version of "The Aristocats." Years later they try to track it down, getting sucked down a deep rabbit hole in the process.

Letter to the Editor, June 2004

by HopelessNightOwl

A local resident expresses their frustration with the school board's recent decisions regarding the district auditorium.
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