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Secret Ingredient
by Jdeschene

They say a mother can't worry too much about her child, but when happens when she lets her guard down?

by AudreyOwO

The only hope for a washed up musician lives in the darkest reaches of the cosmos.
The Derelict Exchange

by kyleisgone

A Man's Journey At Night
Mourning Someone Who Never Existed

by BloodySpghetti

How do you actually someone who never really existed?
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The Halloween category is for stories about that spookiest time of year and includes 77 stories. There are many aspects of Halloween that these stories cover, including costumes, trick-or-treating, haunted houses, and Halloween rituals. The Halloween subgenre can be considered a type of meta-horror, which is horror fiction centered on horror media and popular culture.

As with many creepypasta subgenres, nostalgia is a common theme. These stories often take the kid-friendly trappings of Halloween and twist them into something darker.

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What is creepypasta?

Tips for writing creepypasta.

Writing advice blogs.

Style guide for writing.

Guide to making valuable edits.


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HopelessNightOwl HopelessNightOwl 22 days ago

New Writers' Showcase Is Live

We've finished testing the new Writers' Showcase board, which is now available for use. Anyone is welcome to promote their stories using Writers' Showcase, but please be sure to review the rules.

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HopelessNightOwl HopelessNightOwl 23 days ago

New Writers' Workshop Is Live

Okay, so that was a frustrating speedbump, but we've finally got the new Writers' Workshop up and running. The same rules still apply from the old Workshop forum.

There may still be hiccups in the fut…

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HopelessNightOwl HopelessNightOwl 12 September

Genre Listing Gets a New Look

We've overhauled the Genre Listing to better serve as a reader-first story navigation portal, rather than an editor-first rules page. We hope this will better serve the needs of casual wiki visitors …

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Postuhenin Postuhenin 10 August

So this is finally happening.

See my discussions post for more info.


NOTE: You may notice that the document is currently uneditable. This is beca…

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ExRwood ExRwood 7 days ago

Tips on how to review stories

Hi everyone,

I want to start by saying I love this site. I've been pushing myself to become a better fiction writer and I appreciate having a place like this to post my stories and get feedback. That …

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SutteringSkye SutteringSkye 17 hours ago

I created a pasta!

So can someone tell me where to write about her please?

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TheSmileFamily TheSmileFamily 1 day ago

My YouTube Channel


wassup roblox players! Add me in Roblox if you want {xXMikaelaPlayzXx}

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Laughing0Slaughter Laughing0Slaughter 2 days ago

I feel like Jason The Toymaker is underrated ;-;

I don´t know. I just feel like Jason is kinda underrated. Same with Candypop. We mostly just talk about the main CPs. What about the others? We should give them attention too. Why don´t we talk about…

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