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  • Postuhenin

    Well, this is a first.

    I actually beat out Empy for top contributor of the week.

    One day, when I'm finally able to apply for rollback (and maybe even admin), and somebody calls me "underqualified" and …

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  • Postuhenin

    Howdy, folks!

    I thought I'd start being useful around here and give a bit of advice to writers.

    Is there some tool that this Wiki doesn't have that you wish you could use? Like a tool to count how many…

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  • BenNasty

    Real Life Shit

    May 27, 2020 by BenNasty

    So I wrote another story today. Published it here for anyone who wants to take a look and give any feedback. A little backstory on this one. I wrote this about a man drowning in some ice cold abyss o…

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  • AustinDR

    Inspired by WickedBinge.

    H. P. Lovecraft is considered one of the masters of horror being the one who introduced the world to the dreaded Great Dreamer of R'lyeh who would one day awaken and spell des…

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