A creepypasta is a short story posted on the Internet that is designed to unnerve and shock the reader. The goal of the Creepypasta Wiki is to have a well-stocked library of creepypasta, including very obscure stories as well as original content. Every month we feature a new story and new image for the homepage, and have several galleries of horrifying images.

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Contest WINNER
by Shadowswimmer77

All Jasper could see of the boy by the narrow beam of his helmet light was a pair of low-cut boots and maybe two inches of ankle.

“Ben?” Jasper asked the protruding feet.

He felt a thrill of fear at how very still the young man was. Jasper spent several long moments mentally willing a response before, at last, the boots kicked weakly. Ben was alive, at least for now.

Really,” observed a voice that Jasper reminded himself was just in his head, “it looks like the rock came alive and swallowed him. Sucked him down in one big gulp. Pretty familiar, huh?”

“My name is Jasper. I’m gonna get you out,” the rescuer spoke to the feet, ignoring the commentary.

“You’re going to fail him,” the voice said, “I’m sure of that. Just like before.”

“That was years ago, John,” Jasper mumbled under his breath, “You’re just a memory. It wasn’t my fault.”

“Then why am I still here with you?” chuckled the phantom voice softly before falling silent. Jasper knew it would return.

It always did.

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