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Admin Blogs

HopelessNightOwl HopelessNightOwl 9 October

New Writers' Showcase Is Live

We've finished testing the new Writers' Showcase board, which is now available for use. Anyone is welcome to promote their stories using Writers' Showcase, but please be sure to review the rules.

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HopelessNightOwl HopelessNightOwl 8 October

New Writers' Workshop Is Live

Okay, so that was a frustrating speedbump, but we've finally got the new Writers' Workshop up and running. The same rules still apply from the old Workshop forum.

There may still be hiccups in the fut…

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HopelessNightOwl HopelessNightOwl 12 September

Genre Listing Gets a New Look

We've overhauled the Genre Listing to better serve as a reader-first story navigation portal, rather than an editor-first rules page. We hope this will better serve the needs of casual wiki visitors …

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Postuhenin Postuhenin 10 August

So this is finally happening.

See my discussions post for more info.


NOTE: You may notice that the document is currently uneditable. This is beca…

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User Blogs

SkullcrawlerBuddy SkullcrawlerBuddy 15 hours ago

Sad News

I am very sorry for any The Town fans out there, but I was holding this in my chest for a protracted period of time. Chapter 3, alongside the rest of the saga, will be cancelled and will never be bro…

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Ben-Drowned8989 Ben-Drowned8989 8 hours ago

Im a cyberbully now :3

okay. I apologized to everyone involved. and everything's probably fine now. I acknowledge that my actions were wrong and i was being a complete asshat. so....yeah.

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Ben-Drowned8989 Ben-Drowned8989 10 hours ago


Okay kids. So i noticed that a lot of people, and i mean, A LOT of people ship BENxJeff, which would be pedophilia and necrophilia. Although in the original jeff the killer story jeff was 13. but for…

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Ben-Drowned8989 Ben-Drowned8989 1 day ago



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