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Admin Blogs

EmpyrealInvective EmpyrealInvective 21 December 2020

Regarding the Unofficial Creepypasta Wiki Discord

Some of you might be familiar with the unofficial Creepypasta Discord, but a number of you may not realize that I was made the head of the server a few months ago after issues with the previous owner…

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HopelessNightOwl HopelessNightOwl 9 October 2020

New Writers' Showcase Is Live

We've finished testing the new Writers' Showcase board, which is now available for use. Anyone is welcome to promote their stories using Writers' Showcase, but please be sure to review the rules.

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HopelessNightOwl HopelessNightOwl 8 October 2020

New Writers' Workshop Is Live

Okay, so that was a frustrating speedbump, but we've finally got the new Writers' Workshop up and running. The same rules still apply from the old Workshop forum.

There may still be hiccups in the fut…

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HopelessNightOwl HopelessNightOwl 12 September 2020

Genre Listing Gets a New Look

We've overhauled the Genre Listing to better serve as a reader-first story navigation portal, rather than an editor-first rules page. We hope this will better serve the needs of casual wiki visitors …

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User Blogs

Raidra Raidra 19 hours ago

Self-Rejected Creepypastas

Most if not all of us have had stories rejected, but how many of us have rejected our own stories or story ideas for whatever reason?  There have been times I thought of a story idea, and maybe even …

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ALH495538 ALH495538 5 days ago


I am a evil lemon

That is all

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Queenraven7009 Queenraven7009 1 day ago


you guys it my first time doing this XD but imma try to post scary stuff u might like

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Gomez Capulet Gomez Capulet 5 days ago

Chucky Movies Ranked

1. Cult of Chucky (all the best elements of the franchise brought together. It's just a shame it wasn't a theatrical release.)

2. Bride of Chucky

3. Child's Play 2

4. Child's Play (a solid first instal…

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