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My name was once Rebecca. I had family, friends. I did normal things, like playing games and going to school.

That was a long time ago, though. Before I turned to a life of darkness, of torture. Before I turned to the crow.

My life was pretty ordinary until I was in my late teens. That was when things began to change. To start with, I began to feel restless. I was no longer content with my life. Nothing satisfied me anymore. I started acting out, and people began calling me crazy. I lost all my friends, and my parents sent me to a psychiatrist, because they were worried.

That was when Crow appeared. Crow woke me every morning for a year before anything else happened. Then, the Crow Dancers found me.

It was a day just like any other, except it was not. I received a letter, and invitation, on my window sill.

Dear Rebecca,

You have been invited to join the Dance of the Crow

tonight at midnight, beneath the strength of the full moon,

and under the watchful eye of Crow.

We will be waiting for you by the stone well near Misty Forest.

-Crow Master

I went, of course. No questions asked, no hesitation. I was looking for more in my life, and this could possibly be it.

What greeted me was far stranger than anything I had imagined. A group of people dressed in black robes stood in a ring around the well, which reflected the moonlight. Each and every one of them wore grotesque crow masks over their faces. They all had one white letter stitched on to their dark robes, which I later learnt was the letter by which they were known. All except one, that is. One of these mysterious people had golden symbols stitched all over their robe, and their crow mask had hungry red eyes.

At the time, I was unsure as to what was happening, but I accepted gracefully when I was invited to join them in the Dance of the Crow.

It was amazing.

It all went by in a blur, and seemed to pass quite quickly, though I am fairly sure at least two hours had passed by the time the Dance was complete. I could still hear the screams of our victims ringing in my ears. The Crow Dancers, as I had learned they were called, all gathered in front of me, and I asked why I was summoned. Crow Master answered me in a dry, monotone voice I still remember quite clearly.

“Crow found you. Crow chose you. Now we judge you.”

After this was said, all the Crow Dancers gathered together, speaking in voices like the rustling of leaves. When they all turned back to me, I was quite nervous and excited, for I was unsure of what was happening, but hoped it was good.

One of the Crow Dancers, E, if I remember correctly, collected black robes and a crow mask from the well, and handed them to me. I was instructed to put them on, and I did so eagerly.

After I was dressed, Crow Master put a hand over my head and spoke words that sent a thrill down my spine, and I still remember word for word today,

“From this day forth, you shall be known as S, a Crow Dancer, who dances for Crow and serves faithfully. You are now a bringer of death and darkness.”

And so with that I joined the ranks of the Crow Dancers.

That was many years ago. As I am writing this, I am sitting in my hut in Misty Forest, having just returned from a Dance. Since that day, I have indeed been faithful to the all powerful Crow.

I am now more than just a bringer of death and darkness. I am a creator of death and darkness. Others tremble at the sound of my voice, and collapse under my cold gaze. I delight in their screams of agony, and cries for help. I am a Keeper of Crow, the leader of the faithful. I go by a new name now: Crow Master.