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Author's note: Warning: This story may have some bad writing. I am writing this late at night. You have been warned.

Ah, it's been a few days, has it not? Thank you for responding, George. You are my only hope. No one else is responding to my messages. My parents have not returned at any time. Guess I should start explaining how I got stuck here.

Well, it started in February of 2011. I was just messing around recording a video for YouTube, when a crow sat outside my window. Nothing weird, just an average crow. The only strange thing was the temperature. At times in my town, temperatures got as far down as 10 degrees Fahrenheit. I wouldn't assume anything of it, probably just a warming climate or something similar. Though the crow made me restart my video, since I had messed up after noticing it, it was about an hour later, and the crow was still there just staring into the room, more specifically, at the camera that was now recording at the window. I ended the video and decided to check the footage.


It seemed the camera had started as soon as I shut the door, as the video started with a locking sound and a creaking sound as well. Seemingly with blunt force, the camera tilted and stared at the crow, who was already looking at the camera. The crow began flapping his wings at the window for the entire recording, along with it rotating to look towards my chimney. Finally, the video ended with me entering the office and shutting off the camera.

While the crow's movement was a little off, I thought it was normal. Since I am not a bird expert, I could not confirm if this was normal behavior. At least, not at the time…

The thing that I needed to find out was who rotated the camera. I looked in the obvious spots, under my desk, behind the desk, in my closet, the usual. Then I looked for possible hollow walls, with a secret room. Despite my search, I found no secret rooms or hollow walls. The only possible wall that could lead anywhere was my bathroom in the next room over. I considered calling the police, but since I could not find any possible intruder, I left it alone. Another reason I did not call the police was because nothing was stolen.

Something different could be noticed at the window. There was a second, bigger crow at the window now. Both crows were silent, with the first crow flapping its wings around.

What could I do, but leave the office for now? I arrived in my kitchen for a meal. When I went through my fridge and pantry, I found very low amounts of food. Soon enough, I went to get food from my local grocery store, but the crows started pecking at my head. Quickly, I entered my house again, looking for a weapon. I found a wooden baseball bat with a few cracks. Walking outside with a cap on to avoid the pecking at my head, I ran to my car, having to injure one of the crows with the bat.

Finally, I arrived at my local grocery store and opened the front doors. However, it seemed the store was empty, apart from a front desk worker. I got some canned food, ice cream, and a movie for me to watch. I checked out with the surprisingly calm employee, who mentioned the creepy crows and how they had been stalking her. A crow was staring at her outside the window while three crows were staring at me, one flapping his wings and the third rapidly pecking at a fast intensity, which echoed through the building.

Running outside, I made it to my vehicle while fighting with my fists, because I had to leave the bat in my car. While driving home, crows were flying through the city, landing on power lines, pecking at windows and attacking citizens who were running for their lives. My neighborhood was blocked by a fallen telephone pole, forcing me to run with my wooden baseball bat, attacking the flying crows which had now become four. The injured crow was the one I was able to kill, but that was the only one I could fight.

Well George, that is my story. These crows are continuing to peck at my windows. They have multiplied to six, pecking, flapping their wings and even flying around my house. This message will likely be the last message I will send to you. I'm sorry I could not help you George. I really am…

Sent: March 1, 2011:

-Adam Kummasan.

Written by Uropiaaa
Content is available under CC BY-SA