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My years of school have finally come to an end. With that in mind, I wanted to enjoy myself as much as I could before coming to grips with the rigors of adult life. After all, I did bust my ass within those four years just to earn a worthless piece of paper that says “I did it”. Either way, it didn’t matter. I was going to graduate and move on with my life, so I suppose I’d treat myself with a nice quiet slice of relaxation.

But before I left, I purchased several books about the paranormal. Reading the accounts of those who’ve witnessed such phenomena had always stimulated my morbid curiosity of searching for untold apparitions. Upon finishing purchasing said books, I made my way to my lifelong friend’s house, Vinny LaMotta. Oh, I’m Tony, by the way. My surname is irrelevant.

“Aw, you didn’t make any coffee?” I asked politely.

He placed down his newspaper and gave me a stern look. “What do I look like, a fuckin’ caterer?” he answered scornfully before returning to his newspaper.

Vinny and I were ethnically Italians. However, Vinny was an undeniably devoted catholic. He was always a firm believer in religion, all else be damned. I, on the other hand, wasn’t much of a religious guy. In fact, I strongly considered converting to agnosticism due to my disbelief for anything remotely beyond human capabilities.

Vinny allowed me to stay at his place for as long as needed until I got myself admitted to whatever post-secondary institution I might find. Like I said, for the time being, I was going to enjoy my free time to its fullest before starting a new phase of life as an adult.

I made myself comfortable as much as Vinny’s household allowed, before delving into the plethora of literature I purchased at the library. According to this one book whose title I don’t recall, this so-called children’s game, famously known as the ouija board, was a possibility for ghostly ethereal beings to visit our world. To make matters more interesting, the book even listed out the rules before playing.

With that being said, I wouldn’t let my strong skepticism interfere with my curiosities. I was fascinated with these kinds of things so much so that I browsed the internet for people who’ve had such experiences.

Now, I know what you might be thinking: these things could’ve been easily fabricated to deceive viewers, given the technological capabilities that the modern world has to offer. I knew better than not to take these claims with a grain of salt.

Knowing Vinny and his possible zero-tolerance policy of discussions about ghosts or demons, I hadn’t opened up to him with that subject because he’d probably shoot that shit down in an instant, so I kept this piqued interest of mine to myself for now.

Days afterward, I could’ve sworn my boredom was borderline lethal. I’ve tried to cure myself from it many times, but even after reading and listening to every paranormal encounter, it grew stale. The only way I could hope for any satisfaction was to conduct these explorations myself. A light bulb dimly lit above my head: I’d call some of my old friends, and we'd make some arrangements to try contacting “the spirits”.

Much to my surprise, my friend Tommy had an old ouija board that was gifted to him. He said he wanted to celebrate a small get-together with drinks. My eagerness got the best of me, so me being me, I strongly accepted the invitation. As I write this, my hefty exhales are a reminder of my incredibly stupid and avoidable path.

I told Vinny I’d be back sometime around morning or so, as I’d be heading to a party. Vinny didn’t really care, as long as I didn’t cause any ruckus around here.

I wasted no time in getting ready. Once I was at Tommy's place, he and my other two old pals were there, setting up the drinks for the establishment. The board was perfectly centered on the wooden table. It was beautiful: its crystal-clear surface was reflective with small sparkles near its edges; its letters and numbers were perfectly emplaced in their respective orders; and despite its old age, the board would have you think that it was exported from its manufacturer, just hours ago.

I met with the other guys down at Tommy's basement. There was Tommy, the guy who helped me orchestrate this whole thing with booze and cigs; then there was CJ, better known as Crazy Johnny. We called him Crazy Johnny for a reason. And finally, there’s Franky, one of Johnny’s close friends.

We gathered around the table with a colorful variety of alcoholic beverages provided for.  

Johnny and I helped ourselves with the provided refreshments. And by the time we had our glasses of whatever drinks were available, we clink our glasses altogether, celebrating our small reunion. To make this even better, we had decided that we’d bet wads of cash to anyone who could attract the most ghosts or demons.

We unsurprisingly disregarded several important rules when playing: don’t play alone, don’t provoke whatever you’re communicating with, and most importantly, don’t play at home.

But who was I to emphasize the significance of these asinine rules? After all, we were playing under the heavy influence of alcohol. “Disregard” was never a part of our vocabulary. We did what we wanted. Furthermore, I honestly thought that disregarding the “safety measures” of the game would increase our likelihood of getting into contact with anything, good or bad.

We had our fingers on the planchette. I was up first. I asked for any signs of spiritual presence. Awkwardness ensued. Nothing happened, except the others were liquoring up.

I asked for any signs of presence again, except I was the only player during the session since the other guys lost interest. Soon enough, the planchette slowly moved to “yes”. My eyes widened with curiosity at a staggering rate.

In spite of many paranormal encounters going downhill, I still pressed on. I wanted to prove to the world that such things were true, not just some fairytale bullshit.

“Who are you? Or better yet, what’s your name?” I asked sincerely. The others were still getting liquored up meanwhile I finally found..something. Seconds later, the thing spelled out its name: R-A-V-E-N. I was taken aback. I’m possibly communicating with a female spirit in our presence.

“Are you actually real?” I asked more, smiling with slight excitement from this rare occurrence. Raven responded with “YES”. That was the moment where I should’ve completely ceased communication with the ghost.

“Am I handsome?” Raven responded with “yes” once again. I gasped from excitement, laughing out loud from this awesome encounter. I informed the other three that I was in contact with Raven.

In his slightly inebriated state, Tommy commented, “you broke your cherry!” Laughter erupted across the table, as he piled a whopping six-hundred dollars next to me.

Tommy encouraged Johnny to join me. Knowing Johnny, he wanted to be part of the action. And so he was. The three of us stood around Johnny, waiting to see if he could attract Raven more than I did.

Johnny took a quick drag from his barely lit cigarette. With all his mighty confidence he mustered, he asked the ghost out.

“Hey honey, how ‘bout we get some coffee sometime, eh?” We stared at the board waiting for a response, with wads of cash just waiting to get deposited into Johnny’s pocket.

I shit you not, in a split second, Raven rejected Johnny’s humorous yet sardonic question. We all exploded in screeching laughter. The way the planchette quickly moved to the “no” was breathtakingly hilarious!

“Ooh! OH! Hahahaha! I can’t believe what I just heard!” Franky shouted, giggling with his tongue extended outwardly. “Ay, Raven, here. This is fuh’ you! Atta-boy! ” Franky added, as he joyfully placed a seemingly uncountable amount of cash next to the board.

“Ahahahaha!” we guffawed, our laughs gradually growing louder.

“I got a lotta respect for this ‘ghost’. She’s got a lotta balls, good for you! Don’t take no shit from nobody,” Franky cheered again. We hollered in laughter as Johnny’s face turned a tomato-red from absolute embarrassment.

“Can you believe this, he asks a ghost on a date and the ghost basically tells him to go fuck himself, hahahaha!” Franky laughed, continuously placing more money next to the board. Our laughter, along with Franky’s snarky comments, perfectly intertwined together.

Johnny just sat there, dumbfounded and embarrassed. His humiliation contributed to his sudden looks of sheer glower. He was awfully quiet, too.

“You gonna let her get away with that? You gonna let this fuckin’ punk get away with that? What’s the matta with you, what’s the world comin’ to?” Franky persisted yet again with his undeniably hilarious questions.

Immediately afterwards, Johnny did the unthinkable: he somehow drew a pistol and released a whole magazine of rounds at the board, turning the glass object into scattered smithereens.

“That’s what the fuckin’ world’s comin’ to, how you like that?” Johnny barked, with pure satisfaction. “How’s that, alright?” he added on once more.

Franky angrily disarmed the Crazy Johnny, criticizing him in fumes. “What’s the fuckin’ matta with you? WHAT is the FUCKIN’ MATTA WITH YOU? What, are you stupid or what? Johnny, Johnny, I’m kiddin’ with you. What the fuck are you doin’? What are you, fuckin’ nuts?”

“How do I know you’re kiddin’? You’re breakin’ my fuckin’ balls?!” Johnny yelled back, waving his hands dismissively, understating his unexpected reaction.

Franky barked back. . “I’m just kiddin’ with you! You fuckin’ shoot the board?!”

A brief silence immediately followed.

“Good shot. Whaddya want from me? I’m a good shot,” Johnny said casually, completely unenthused by what had just happened.

“How could you miss at this distance?” I interjected.

Franky angrily slammed his stack of cash on the table. “Stupid bastard, I can’t fuckin’ believe you. Now you’re gonna clean this damn mess up. You’re going to bless this place yourself, ‘cus I got no fuckin’ holy water. Johnny rolled his eyes and went along with Franky’s orders.

I went to Vinny’s. On my way there, I couldn’t help but laugh at Franky scolding Johnny for his exceptional reaction. Some part of me felt slightly paranoid because I also disregarded yet another important rule: always say goodbye. Of course, me being me, I regarded it as just another asinine rule that finds its way to ruin my fun.

I know, I know, I obviously have been grossly negligent with communicating with the unknown. Despite this, it was there that I knew I belonged. I knew for sure that investigating such things would be an excellent career path.

I told Vinny about the hilarious experiences that were had during the session. I’ve also told him about Raven, the seemingly benevolent spirit whom I’ve got in contact with. Upon hearing this, Vinny’s eyes grew to a miniscule degree.

“I don’t want any more of that shit,” Vinny commented.

Assuming he meant something else entirely, I questioned further. “What shit? What are you talkin’ about?

“..You know what I mean. That. That garbage. Just stay away from it.”

“Vinny, wha-“ I attempted to ask before he cut me off.

“I’m not talkin’ about what you did there. You did what you had to do. I’m talking about now. Now, here, and now.”

I returned a puzzled look. “Vinny, why would I want to get into that?”

“Don’t make a jerk outta me. Just don’t do it! Just don’t do it. Listen, I ain’t gonna get fucked like my cousin Joey, you understand? He’s almost 30 years old, and the fuckin’ guy’s gonna get dragged to hell. I don’t need that. You understand?” he said with a voice of concern increasing ever so slightly.

“Uh-huh—“ I nodded.

“So I’m warning everybody. Could be my wife, my friends—could be anybody. Joey’s goin’ to hell just for saying hello to some fuck he summoned on that board. I don’t need that shit. Ain’t gonna happen to me, you understand?”

I nodded in agreement once again.

“You know that you’re only unaffected ‘cus those things haven’t attached themselves to you, and I used as much holy water to deter them from us. I don’t need this heat. You understand?”

“Yeah,” I said as I went along with Vinny’s repetitive warnings.

“You see anybody fuckin’ around with this shit, you’re gonna tell me, right?”

“Of course-” my agreement was abruptly cut by Vinny lightly slapping my face.

“That means anybody. Got it?” he concluded authoritatively, with that momentous gaze.

Honestly, I couldn’t be bothered to heed Vinny’s warnings. I did so just to spare myself from his antithetical viewpoints. As far as Vinny was concerned, I was going along with the program.

I felt pretty worn out despite not doing much, so I went back to my home. As I laid on bed, I couldn’t dismiss this overwhelming feeling of being watched, being paranoid, if you will.

I had to know more about Raven. Who she was, where she was from, and things of that nature. Since Vinny wasn’t around, I crafted my very own makeshift ouija board. As I did my usual thing by asking for any presence, I got a response. Much to my surprise, it was Raven herself.

I couldn’t fucking believe that I disregarded the fact that Raven had followed me from Tommy's to my own home. Regardless, I inquired about the spirit’s past life with as much tact as I could muster, just to spare myself from any potentially negative consequences. She hadn’t responded.

The planchette was moving slowly but steadily, as it spelled out “free me”. I gave a puzzled look. Confused, I clarified with the ghost in question by asking her if that was a question to which she answered with “yes”.

I wasn’t sure how to respond to this, although this was absolutely the perfect time to take advantage of this rare opportunity, to broadcast to the world that these beings are completely real. With that in mind, I wasted no time setting up my phone to record the ongoing session.

I accepted Raven’s offer to free her. I asked her to confirm her presence by any means necessary to satisfy the YouTube audience. A few moments later, the makeshift board slowly levitated upward, and I just stood there with my jaw dropped from absolute surprise. In a split second, the board bursted into a fiery blaze and immediately dissipated into the thin air, with its remaining dust particles strewn across my house floor.

Upon witnessing this unbelievably surreal moment, I gasped from excitement and slight fear, ending the recording. At that time, I obviously wasn’t concerned in the slightest about the perils of the seemingly benevolent being, so I continued on with uploading the video.

The video gained some traction, although the majority of its ratings were substantially negative because of its incredibly doubtful nature. Some comments strictly warned me about being so negligent with the “potential release” of an unknown entity in my house, but I honestly didn’t really pay any mind to them nor did I take any of their concerns into consideration.

Soon enough, that same dreadful feeling of paranoia and weariness had struck me once more. It was becoming a real pain in the ass, so I did what any normal person would’ve done and tried to sleep it off.

Weeks later, the video’s view count exploded colossally! As I scrolled through the ratings and my subscriber count, I was thrilled with sheer excitement. “AH, HAHAHA! TOMMY, those sons of bitches!” I laughed aloud excitedly, driving my palm on my desk.

When I noticed that the exact view count was over nine-thousand, I cried out once more. “OOOoh, TOMMY!” I was like a kid. In my mind, it was like winning the Nobel prize for validating the theoretical existence of the paranormal.

Tommy would probably be the only person whom I know who’d give a shit about these abnormal findings. I’d have definitely paid him a visit if I hadn’t been so fucking stupid. Besides, he’s been outta town since, so I’d have to wait to tell him about my thrilling discovery.

Days later, the hype had died significantly, and I don’t know why, but I felt… vulnerable sleeping in my own room. Nobody else lived with me, as my parents had me emancipated years ago. I did get drunk as a small self-celebration, however, I woke up around approximately two-fifty nine AM.

I’m honestly surprised I managed to know that, considering I drank heavily that night. Then three AM hit. I was hungover, but even then, I was aware of my surroundings. The room was mostly pitch-black, aside from my TV’s brightness’ gleams piercing into the vast darkness.

Speaking of TVs, I don’t remember turning mine on at all. I took a closer look and realized that static was playing. I once more dismissed this as a possibility of one of my drunken antics that I can’t seem to remember, but something just...wasn’t right. I hadn’t bothered locating my remote controller, so I had decided to manually change the channel by the TV’s buttons.

All of a sudden, my TV vehemently erupted a deafening sound of distortion, combined with an indiscernible voice that I couldn’t decipher. I turned around and jumped back onto bed, covering my ears to minimize that ear-splitting noise. As it stopped, I turned around to look back at the TV again. The screen was now displaying what appeared to be a picture...of a black cat? It appeared to have its eyes closed.

I foolishly regarded this as one of my drunken antics again, and as I approached the TV to power it off, the damned cat opened its eyes, startling the ever-loving fuck out of me, causing me to jump inches back. That thing had hollow eyes with thick red glowing eyes for pupils. I gulped. I moved side to side, and the thing’s pupils were following my every move.

I know what you’re thinking: the red pupils and hollow eyes, the generically cliched creepypasta theme, sure. I would’ve probably regarded it as that, but I was alone in my own house. It was dark in here, and that thing was staring me down, so of course I was nervous.

I stood there motionless, staring at that..thing. My heart was furiously beating in rapid rates as I fell victim to its very whims. A myriad of questions overloaded my mind on just what the fuck was going on here. Before I could even ask what it was, the thing spoke.

“Raaaven,” it remarked in such a sinister tone that I can’t even describe, rotating its feline head clockwise. The disturbingly forced rotation of its spinal bones caused me to physically cringe.

“H-how are you even talkin’? How are yo-you even on my T-TV?” I trembled.

“I shall answer simply. I am capable of manifesting myself through digital means.” She bared a set of fangs as a means of intimidation. “Toni, you have voluntarily released me from His grasp. For that, I shall now claim you as mine,” it said once more menacingly, as her head was stuck in a tilt.

It was late at night and I was unquestionably paralyzed from sheer fright. I couldn’t fathom this thing’s sudden appearance in the slightest. My heart almost literally fell, as Raven fixed her tilted head back to its original position. God, that fucking horrible sound of the forced positioning was causing every inch of my neck hairs to stand up one by one.

Without question, I lunged myself towards my door, desperately gripping the knob with all the courage I could’ve mustered, only for the piece of shit to fail on me.

“I don’t think so,” she grinned, silently giggling to herself. I stared in horror at my door knob, as it wasn’t going to open whatsoever. Then my room lights began flickering as that damned thing was laughing hysterically at me.

“Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” I shrieked in absolute distress, physically pounding on the wooden door from my ever-increasing hopelessness.

I sat with my back leaning against the door, weeping in my arms as Raven grinned sinisterly. In a split second, the TV imploded, releasing a unit of sparks from the now-defunct vents. My room was now fully pitch-black, as the TV malfunctioned. Raven was gone for now.

Much to my surprise, the door slowly creaked open, gesturing me to immediately make a run for it. And so I did, without question. I didn’t know if Raven intentionally did that, but I still left that damned place anyway. I wasn’t taking any chances anymore.

Placing both my hands behind my head, I exhaled heavily. I had to inform Vinny about what happened. Either way,  I knew for a fact that this would be the end of us, unfortunately. I had some decent amount of funds available in my bank account to pay for several nights at a hotel until I was able to get this situated.

As the sun started to rise, I went to Vinny’s. I braced myself for the outcome of our future together. He seemed to be in a relaxed mood as he was frying some Italian sausages. I gathered  the courage in informing him of last night’s occurrence with Raven.

His reaction was just as expected--disappointed.

“Vinny, I’m really sorry. I don’t know what else to say. I know, I fucked up-“

“You fucked up, yeah, you fucked up,” he said disappointedly, as the small thick sausages were sizzling collectively, ultimately replacing the awkward silence that ensued.

“But I’m alright now. I can be trusted now, Vinny. On my life, on my mother, on everything, I’m OK. I’m clean.”

Vinny let out a disgruntled sigh. He looked at me, piercing my very eyes with those unforgettable looks of absolute grimace.

“You looked into my eyes and you lied to me,” Vinny said, continuously stirring the pan of sausages. “You treated me like a fuckin’ jerk, like I was never nothin’ to you.”

“Vinny, after what you said, I couldn’t come to you. I-I-I was ashamed. I-I’m ashamed now. But you’re all I’ve got, Vinny..and I really, really need your help. I really do.” I said, lowering my head in complete shame.

He gazed back at me with slight pity. He pulled out a seemingly thin roll of cash, holding it out for me to take.

“Here. Take this,” he said.

I took the money. I counted each bill as my eyes began to tear up knowing that I’d lose Vinny for good. I was dead to him. Whatever would happen to me, he’d just turn a blind eye on me thereon.  

“Now I gotta turn my back on you.” he said with utter conviction.

Five-hundred bucks. That’s what he gave me. Five-hundred bucks for a lifetime. It was nowhere near enough to cover the cost of my future coffin.

I shamefully wiped away my tears, feeling utterly hopeless in the shitshow I’ve fully immersed myself in. I didn’t say anything in return. I swiftly exhaled and parted my ways with Vinny thereon. I was scared, defeated.  Aside from Franky maybe, I couldn’t go to Tommy and them because their trips were, for some reason, “extended”. Whatever the fuck that meant, it didn’t matter. I had only myself to figure this shit out before it got any worse.

I went back home. The TV’s malfunctions from Raven’s sudden disappearance caused it to be irreparably destroyed. It was utterly useless. I didn’t bother to dispose of the damned thing; it was the least of my concerns, knowing that some demon had it in for me. Raven was determined to make my life bitter hell.

I laid down and went to sleep soundly. I woke up at the exact same time as I did that one night. Lo and behold, it was Raven. She somehow made a sudden appearance on my irreparably destroyed TV.

“What the fuck do you want from me?” I snapped. Raven didn’t respond. Instead, she winked and started to crawl towards me. I almost coughed out my heart when Raven suddenly crawled out of the TV screen.  

As she fully emerged from the screen, I ran to the condemned feline and kicked its head to which the head got stuck upwards as if she were staring at the ceiling. I went in for another kick, decapitating her. I was slightly surprised when no blood appeared to have oozed from the severance point. She must’ve been that dead.

Initially, I thought I “defeated” her as I stared at the seemingly lifeless head as it slowly closed its eyes.

When I thought it was all over, I was dead wrong. The head then suddenly grinned sinisterly, and its eyes opened. I stared in absolute distraught and horror as the head quickly made its way back to the feline’s neck, ultimately reattaching itself. I gagged, as that was one of the most disgusting moments in my life. It felt totally unnatural and disturbing witnessing that vile moment.

Once Raven fully came to life, she then lunged at me with full force, landing her jaws onto one of my balled fists. Fearing for my life, I grossly tried to shake her as she bit off not one, but two of my fingers. Gushes of blood immediately oozed from my missing fingers, and I made a dash out of my room AND my house just in time before Raven locked me in again. I immediately dialed for medical services to which they promptly arrived just in time before my hand had to be amputated.

At the nearest hospital, one of the doctors questioned the cause of the loss of my fingers. Knowing fully well that such professionals wouldn’t give my story any semblance of credibility, I just told them that I had an “accident” with some machinery. Thankfully, the questioning ceased and I made a decent recovery therein.

Despite Vinny wanting absolutely nothing to do with me, I still wanted to check up on him to see how he was doing, so I prompted to use the hospital’s telephone booth and made the call there. As the ringing finally ended, I was greeted by none other than Raven herself.

“He’s gone, and there’s nothing you can do about it, Tony.” She spoke.

“What d’you mean? What d’you mean?” I asked, perplexed.

“He’s gone. And soon, you’ll join me.”

The call then terminated itself. With this unbearable anguish tormenting my mind, I started to slam the phone on the booth several times. “Fuck.”

I continued slamming the phone until some personnel came by to check on me. “I knew it. I can’t fuckin’ believe it. I can’t fuckin’-” I said, right before sobbing silently. It wasn’t the hospital personnel, it was Franky, my old friend, checking on me.

“What happened? What happened?” he asked, concerned.

I wiped away my ears and sniffed. “She killed him. She fuckin’ killed him.”

“Aw, fuck.” Franky responded, placing his hand behind his head. Although it was pretty obvious that he wasn’t emotionally distraught as I was, he knew who I was referring to. He even patted my shoulder and offered me a place to stay. I politely declined. Too much was going on in my mind and I had to take care of this before Raven would kill anyone else.

Hours later, I went to my local church. Much to my dismay, none of the priests there were experienced with handling exorcisms or any kind of demonic cleansing, except one: Father Fred Cicero.

The only problem was, Fred was a disaster; this guy could fuck up a cup of coffee. Fred isn’t highly viewed because according to the church, he was getting his second DUI. Choiceless, I sought to get his help.

I knew Raven was still after me. I knew she’s capable of manifesting herself via digital and electronic devices, so I informed Fred all this. With him bearing that, I strongly warned him not to use any electrical devices in my presence, too.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he said, assuring me of his understanding of Raven’s powers and the emphasis of my warning.

“We have to delay the blessing. I can’t do this without my lucky hat, y’know?” Fred said.

In absolute disbelief, I snapped back at him. “Forget your fuckin’ hat. What, are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me?”

Wouldn’t you believe it, he possibly risked another DUI on his way home, just so he could retrieve his “lucky hat”. I swear on my life, when he came back, he wore a New York Yankees hat. Dismissing that, we proceeded with the blessing, or whatever you want to call it.

Now for the best part, and I couldn’t believe this shit: so what does Fred do during the blessing? After everything I told him, after all his “yeah, yeah, yeah” bullshit, he proceeded to use HIS phone during the blessing.

Now, if Raven was watching me, which she most likely was, she’d know everything. She’d know that I was trying to get rid of her, all thanks to him. Suddenly, the expected happened: A deafening tone unleashed itself from Fred’s phone, marking Raven’s presence.

She teleported between Fred and me. She was there.

“Look at this! Thank you so much, Mr. Cicero, how considerate of you,” Raven said, mocking Fred. She took a closer step towards him, and Fred stared at her in awe.

“Tha-that’s my mother’s phone!” Fred said, attempting to save himself but utterly failing. What a fuckin’ balloon head.

Suddenly realizing his colossal fuckup, Fred collapsed unexpectedly. Poor Fred, he got so scared, he had a heart attack and dropped dead right in front of us.

I deeply stared at Raven as she did me. I grabbed the nearest bottle of holy water and poured some of it on her. At first, I thought it wasn’t going to work, but much to my surprise, the feline let out a sickening shriek from its sheer pain as the blessed liquid was taking effect. I then dumped the entirety of the bottle’s contents and Raven writhed painfully as I covered my ears.

She then vanished in mid air. I immediately crafted another makeshift ouija board and asked if anybody was with me in the church. As I got the “yes”, I said goodbye and vowed to never, ever, act on my urges to seek the mysterious. I didn’t even care about the popularity that the video generated, I just wanted this whole mess to be over. was.

Weeks later, I was at Fred’s grave. “In loving memory of Fred Cicero, 2010”, the tombstone read. I was finally feeling much better and felt more comfortable sleeping in the vast darkness in my room. I checked my phone for any notifications, and I got this:

RAVEN: Once I capture you, you will be forever mine. I will torture every ounce of innocence you have in your sniveling human body. I can guarantee that.

I shook my head and slightly chuckled. I somehow knew Raven was trying to lure me to get her back to my realm, so I blocked her.

I then put on a pair of shades and lit a cigarette. I’m probably more fucked than I have ever been by the time I’m in the afterlife, but I really didn’t care. Soon, I’d go back home and take it easy. I’d enjoy my life before succumbing to my inevitable fate. Whatever. If you’re desperately trying to get rid of any demon, holy water works wonders. Trust me.