Have you ever had the strong sensation that you did something already, or been somewhere before but you just can’t recall when? Most people call this sensation déjà vu. I’ve been experiencing this marvel quite frequently now, for the past month.

Sometimes purposely I would go to a place I know I never previously been before, but to no avail. I still get the phenomenon people call déjà vu. Getting this sensation numerous times has changed my perspective on life. I’ve even came up with an idea of where déjà vu comes from.

My idea on déjà vu is that maybe we have experienced what we are doing the moment when we get the sensation, but in a previous life. No, I do not mean reincarnation; I mean, you were the same person you are now, but in another life… or I should say, the same life.

By the same life, I mean we have lived our lives before, but we just don’t realize it. It’s an endless cycle in which we are all doomed to repeat our lives over and over and over again, but some way, somehow, a little fragment of memory from our past lives finds its way into your mind at any moment, causing déjà vu. I know this idea sounds crazy, but it’s what I believe now….

Even at this very moment as I type this, I get the slight sensation of déjà vu …. God just typing that word now makes me feel so distraught and uneasy. It’s the only thing I’ve been thinking about for the past couple of weeks, it’s almost driven me to the point of insanity… I just... I just can’t stop thinking about the unnatural feeling of it. The constant times I get the sensation in a day is unbearable. I… I… know what I must do to make it stop…? Hopefully in my next life I won’t remember this.

Written by Matt9196
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