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During the summer of 1994, a little-known American scientist by the name of Dr. Warren Drane conducted experiments on himself which resulted in a series of horrific...mutations. It was during these experiments, when Warren was under the influence of a psychoactive drug called "D-Nanox", that he began an...extremely disturbing new life.

At the age of 27, Warren was one of the youngest faculty members in the history of the University of Cambridge and was one of the lead researchers in the Human Genome Project, headed by Dr. James Watson. One day, Warren eagerly proposed an experiment to change the human genome in such a way that it would alter the DNA’s natural structure and remove any negative traits or flaws associated with the human race, including arrogance, ignorance, ego, greed, narcissism, and general cruelty. If they were successful enough, it could create a race of humans so pure that any negativity in the world would be completely erased, and enlightenment and prosperity would follow. However, many of the scientists were against the trial, claiming that it tampered with what made life good and worth living. They argued that no one could know what was truly good without knowing what was truly bad. It was also rumored that Warren was beset with personal problems, which many saw as the real reason behind his attitude towards the project. The “Human Genome Project” was not for the benefit of humankind. It was for Warren to forget about his anger towards the world and transfer himself to a world of bliss.

Warren’s credibility was failing. Nobody was taking him seriously, not even Dr. Watson, who told the young scientist to “grow up” and “take life seriously”. Warren figured that if no one was going to help him with his experiment, then he would do it himself. He spent months developing a serum in the university’s lab that he later dubbed “D-Nanox”, or “DNX”. In May, he succeeded in developing the first batch, a refracted dark liquid that was to be manually injected into the neck of its receiver by syringe. He succeeded in keeping it hidden for a while, but it was eventually discovered by Watson one night. After a heated argument, Watson ended up smashing the beakers on the ground, effectively destroying them, and storming out of the laboratory. Warren would not be discouraged though, and instead worked day and night at his own house to perfect it. In his garage, he set up a makeshift lab with a couple of test tubes, an electron microscope, an incubator, and a large mixing vessel. He also used a large scale to collect and analyze every drop of the DNX that he succeeded in creating.

He documented the entire process, many of which can be found today as VHS tapes. He would go days without eating or drinking. He grew his hair out long and was described as a “skeleton” by witnesses. But in the end, he was successful and created the first (successful) batch of DNX “D-Nanox” serum. In the videotape, he stands in front of the camera holding the syringe, claiming that: “this will be our awakening. We are the ones. We are the chosen ones, the chosen ones, we are the sons of God, we are the chosen ones.” He was clearly in some kind of distress, but what was causing this is unknown. Warren then raises the syringe and stabs his neck with it. He immediately falls to the ground and is unconscious for several minutes out of frame.

Sounds of moaning, followed by laughter and eventually screams, can be heard. Then silence. Warren stands back up, but his hand has been sliced open on the concrete. His bloodied hand is shaking with fever and dripping black blood, as he begins to cry uncontrollably. From here, the images on the screen are in a kind of slow-motion, as if a time stop button has been pushed. With each movement Warren makes, his limbs seem to lag and glitch behind him. His body distorts and blurs. One second, he is on his knees and crying into his hands. The next, he is pacing around in circles. And the next, he is close to the camera, only muttering the words “You can never save can never save me…”

In the final minute of the video, Warren shifts to the center of the garage. His form distorts and blurs, but he only smiles. As he stands there, his form begins to change into something that is not human. He now has shining white skin that shimmers and glows, but has contrastingly long black hair that falls down his shoulders. His face is gone, no eyes, no nose, no mouth, not even any ears. It is all gone.

He is now just a white being, a being with no form and nothing to say, a being without a face, yet he still smiles.