Amongst the dark spirits and beasts that prey upon man, I am the most wicked of them all. Nevertheless, man embraces me most above all others. No need have I to impose my will or possess man’s body to have my bidding be done. Thou offer thyself freely unto me, absent of all reservation and without hesitation. For if thou abandon me, I will damn thy soul! If thou reject me, thou shall be shunned and scorned.

Consider this, "Why doth thou call out to me?" Is it eternal life thou crave? Is it heavenly rewards thou seek? I promise eternal Paradise simply for thy servitude and that of your offspring. I offer it to thee freely, it matters not. This priceless gift cost me nothing, for only when thou take in breath no more is my payment due. For I am the voice in the silence of unanswered prayers. I am the healing thou seek when death and disease embrace thy children. I am the signs and warnings in the heavens and stars thou see as omens of future days to come. I am the high ground stood upon when thou condemns thy neighbor to Hell in the name of forgiveness and love. I am the reason thou kill for dogma and belief.

Alas, do not despair, my beloved children, for I am not without benevolence or kindness. I grant strength to overcome thy fear of the unknown. I giveth thee sight that allows thee to envision hope beyond the tragedies and misfortunes of life. I provide comfort from the continuous sound of death’s inevitable approach. I am the purpose of pain. I am the reward from loss, and I am the love in absence.

The Daemon

Nonetheless, take heed, for millions of thy brothers and sisters have lost their lives in my name. Wickedness, sin, and destruction follow in my path. I turn fathers against sons and daughters against mothers. Every god must kneel before me, for I grant them their power. I am the chains that bind man’s soul to Heaven and Hell.

From the beginning, my kind has dwelt amongst man. Daemons populate thy history in abundance and man has given us many names. I have one name; one holy name thou exalts above all others. Summon me and I will come! Calleth upon me and abandon thy logic of thought and reason of mind! Speaketh my name and surrender to me! Surrender unto Faith.

Written by KillaHawke1
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