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It's been years since I moved into my apartment with my roommate. For the longest time, we haven't had any problems with bugs or pests or anything, but recently that changed. I've been noticing for the past couple of months that little annoying bugs have been appearing everywhere in our apartment. I try my best to kill them, but there are always more. On the plus side, my reflexes have gotten better. I keep thinking that there must be something old and smelly that's attracting them.

Dang Bugs

The food? I try to keep the dishes clean every single day by washing them religiously. They still appear in the apartment over and over. I don't know why it's suddenly like this. I haven't been leaving food out any more than I used to in the months before they keep coming. There must be some secret nesting area where these beings procreate and spread their filth. They're not all the same species. Some are much larger than the others. I'm no bug expert so I can't even tell if they're cockroaches or not.

I just wish I was strong enough to lift up everything in this apartment and search for this secret nest. It's not like I'm going to hire some movers to take care of it and besides, it's probably in crevices so deep I would never reach. I guess all I can do is simply kill them over and over as it's better than simply doing nothing. You might be wondering what my roommate thinks of this predicament. The thing is, I don't even know what he thinks.

He hasn't moved in ages.