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That night was a frigid one. My breath wisped away from me with each exhale. My teeth chattered as I shiver under my thick covers. A flash came from the corner of my room and caught my attention. The dim light adjusted on the twisting doorknob. At any second, the door could budge open and anyone could simply walk in. I was defenseless.

The door slowly creaked open as long, bony fingers wrapped around the door. They were dead black. It ducked it's head down and stepped into my room. There was something wrong with its body. I just couldn't put my finger on it. I held my breath. The intruder didn't speak; didn't move.

I blinked. Once my eyelids were open, the thing was pointing directly at me, arm outstretched. He twisted his wrist, a loud cracking of its joints sounding as he did. He curled his finger at me, gesturing for me to come closer.

I then saw what was wrong with his body. It was pitch black; without pigment. An empty void. The contrast was unreal; unearthly. His arm cracked back down to his side. Suddenly, tendrils of darkness reached out of its torso. They grabbed me by the neck and waist and pulled me into the blackness.

I'm floating; moving steadily through the black fog. Twisted hands reach for my face. They're pale; lifeless. They come within inches, some occasionally brushing against my cheeks. They feel frozen. A shrill ringing in my ear gradually gets louder. And louder. And louder. I try to move my hands to cover my ears, but my body won't move; won't function. Am I dreaming? How do I wake up? The hands are closer now, and covered in blood. I can feel the warm, wet liquid against my face. I can't move away. I see a distant light.

I'm not dreaming. I feel pain; like there's a blade twisting in my stomach. It's unbearable. The light closes in on me.

I'm in a room; empty other than a full body mirror in the darkest corner. I take a step, not having some control over my actions. I approach the mirror and look at my reflection. I look normal, other than blood splattered on my face. Until my reflection's mouth turns to a twisted grin. Its eyes widen as it struggles to escape the mirror. It wraps its hand around my neck.

Everything went black.