There are small bits of time called data fragments. These data fragments became prevalent during the birth of the information age. When time is altered, the flow of time itself is diverted. Occasionally, small trickles of the previous flow stay in the current.

They exist as old photos, short text files, and wandering bits of fact. They stay within the network of the Internet and modern computers as inane and useless information that a minutiae of the population browse, perhaps interested in these silly falsehoods.

Yet, we must remember that these were once true and are from a time most likely very different than ours. Think about every incorrect fact, short story, Creepypasta, misquote, and edited picture you've ever witnessed online. One of these may be a data fragment. Who's to say that flow of time from which they come does not have data fragments from ours? Who's to say that they do not notice?

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