Haunting mirror

I woke up in my room. Alone. This was another day of the daily grind, but this time, when I walked out of my bedroom, things were a little different. This hallway was clearly a hallway, but not my hallway.

I went back into my room, and checked everything that I knew about my room that nobody else would, like the chip in my bed frame or the small peeling area of my wallpaper.

Everything was exactly the same. So, I walked into the hallway again, and I noticed that it changed a little bit, but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what changed.

So, as I walked forward, I heard a small whisper. It stated something about watching, but I didn’t completely hear it.

Anyway, I continued on into the hallway, which made me a small bit disoriented. Afterward, I heard another voice.

“Feeling dizzy, are you?” it asked.

In reply, I yelled for it, whatever it was, to let me back into my own house. In response to my command, it disobeyed and shut the hallway behind me. I started running towards the place where the hall was closing.

I woke up again. I had read about this kind of thing, where you could get stuck in an infinite dream loop. But whatever was talking to me was real, and I knew it. Then, in the distance, I heard, “I am.”

"I am watching. I am all. I am data. I am V2tSS2IyTkhVa2hXVjJSaFlsVmFjVmRzUlRsUVVUMDk=.

"Go ahead, out your door. I dare you."

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