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Wake up, my love
Open your eyes and look up, above
Open your eyes wide
The sun is about to rise
Look attentively, my dear
Focus your eyes on the beautifully colored skies
Let's bask in the celestial menagerie of this dawn
entwined in each other, right here
Promise me, swear upon our love that you'll never leave my side

My sweetheart, you are turning so cold
Please look me in the eye, I cannot lie
forgive me, but I cannot maintain my hold
I can no longer allow you to fly.
I am fearful for your life when you chase the caressing of the wind
There's no promise of safety in these second-hand wings
I cannot comprehend your airborne dreams
What if you reach too close to the sun, and your wings turn undone?
How will I live if you end up like Icarus, and plunge yourself into the sea?
My dear, please listen to me.

I'm sorry but you've ignored me just like you've done before
Why must I live in a perpetual fear you might die
I could not handle this feeling anymore
I had to find out what made you so in love with your mistress, the distant sky
Your ceaseless obsession with the cold touches of the wind
it drove me to my wits end, gnawed at my mind
It ate away at my mental maze like a ravenous fiend
Finding an answer to your love of this other, was the only way I could unwind

I wanted to find
How did she take a hold of your mind
How she made you fly
I needed to know what drew you to the sky
I dug deep down inside
I've clawed – searching far and wide
under your skin
Your secret remains hidden
somewhere within
I am unable to understand why with the heavens
you are you so smitten

Are you listening to me, my love?
You haven't uttered a sound
Please forgive my distrust, while we witness the rise of the sun
My dear, you've become awfully cold
I can't help but smile, knowing you'll never ascend again from the ground
I will remain at your side, I promise I'll never be gone
Look, my love, night is giving way to a dawn colored red
the same crimson color as your barely beating heart
whose tears have created stark contrast while staining my hand.

Written by MLycantrope
Content is available under CC BY-SA